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Drumkit-20-Min-SSUV+ Impossible Project Pinhole | by adoephoto
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Drumkit-20-Min-SSUV+ Impossible Project Pinhole

Let's make this really inconvenient...


All you have to do is take a pack of Impossible Film, shove it in a changing bag with a bunch of 4x5 film holders. Unload the cartridge, load the film into the holders, put the holders on the camera of your choice (I used a Zero Image 4x5 Pinhole Camera), shoot your shot, put the holder back in the bag with the now empty film cartridge as well as a Polaroid camera, unload the holder, shove the exposed film back into the film cartridge, load the cartridge into the camera, shut the door and let the camera spit the image out between its rollers.


I can't take credit for this process, but for the life of me, I can't remember the person whose post I read who did it. If I ever find out who, I will give credit.


Impossible Project Silver Shade UV+ (Expired) shot in a Zero Image 4x5 Pinhole Camera. Spit out through a Polaroid One Camera.


I forgot to add that after scanning this shot survived an accidental trip through the washing machine!. The back paper was peeled off but the image is intact.


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Taken on August 17, 2012