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Copyright Infringement Violation by Ink Global, an international publisher. How shameful... Read the full investigation report by Pat Brunet | by williamcho
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Copyright Infringement Violation by Ink Global, an international publisher. How shameful... Read the full investigation report by Pat Brunet

Hi all!

just some copyright infringement news to share...

Full investigation report by Pat Brunet



Thank you all for the support with the links to bring this matter to the front for the interest of photographers.

I hope this will benefit those in doubt of what to do when similar cases arises.

Cheers to all!






mails exchange


Laura McLaughlin of Ink Global wrote:

Dear Mr Cho

Thank you for your email. In order to resolve this matter as quickly and as amicably as possible, we agree to your request of S$750 (plus a credit in a future edition of the magazine). I apologise again for what was, I must assure you, an honest mistake by Ink.

I will contact Gus Low directly as per your suggestion, and payment will be made to you tomorrow.

Kind regards



My reply:

I am sorry Laura,


it's already too late. The media has already been fed and I can't stop it now. Besides me there are 8 other photographers with the same plight in line hoping to get this truth out to the public as a wake-up call to deter others.


Stealing images from not one but nine photographers in a single edition of the May 2011 Jetstar in-flight magazine is a SERIAL CRIME. It's no more an honest mistake. Ink Global is an international company. You should have known better as a legal counsel.


At this moment, it's no more about compensation. It's the principle to safeguard photographers from such issues in the near future.


We have given you enough time to make amends but you did not comply.


For this I have already wasted so much of my time communicating with my supportive groups which burns up my professional time.


Ink Global will have to face the music for this as you have shown disrespect to the nine photographers from various countries who are being ripped off their images from flickr without their knowledge. The photographers only came to know through Pat Brunet of EventPhotos who started investigating a complaint from a flickr friend of his.


As of now, I will let the officials of the Intellectual Property of Singapore decide how they will address this copyright infringement issue. Expect to see more exposure over the worldwide web. Nothing I can do to stop it now.




After contacting Ink Global, their Design Director, Peter Stephens hope to get away with just a $100 fee as compensation claiming it was an oversight on their part. Well if every publisher give us the same cheap excuses there will be no more food on the table for photographers eventually.


When I refused their offer they bump it up to $250 and again to $500 like a stock trading. My request was $1500 as penalty for the crime to settle the case in private and they consider that blackmail. Would the judge let you off with just a reprimand if you rob a bank and say sorry only when caught?


To my surprise after Pat from Event Photos investigated deeper into Jetstar in-flight magazine, 8 other photographers from flickr came forward with complaints about their stolen images appearing on the same May 2011 edition. This gets worse. It becomes a serial crime. This is no overlooking matter and definitely not an honest mistake anymore by Ink Global..


I guess they must have done this several times and got away with it. Obviously Ink Global tried to patch things up by paying in small doses. It may work on one or two weaklings but not all. So I was being threatened with legal action should this news leak to the media. What wrong have I done I ask myself. They committed a serial crime and I speak the truth with evidence in hand. Nothing can stop me from feeding honest information to the media.


Ink Global is unaware that Pat has done research and communicated with photographers involved and will be exposing the infringement issues over his blog. This action should create awareness that such stealing activities are coming from bigger corporations.


I am just a small fry who have no budget to engage a lawyer but hopefully the media exposure will hit the perpetrators hardest on their global image. I hope this incident will set an example to deter others from trying to steal images from the internet.


If you think your image appeared in Jetstar in-flight magazine (any edition) without permission, please report it to:

Pat Brunet of Event Photos email:


Please copy this to you friends if you can. Thank you.


Hope all is well.



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Taken on September 14, 2010