and away he goes.....

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    We had a juvenile (a yearling) cooper's hawk fly into our glass door a few weeks ago (even though we have those reflective bird decals). I always rescue birds that do that - put them in a shoebox and see if they come to their senses and then let them go. When this guy flew into the door, I was standing right in the living room and it was a huge POW. So I ran outside. The hawk lay spread out on the terrace and my little cat had run over right to him and was eye-balling him as he lay on the bricks. I thought to myself "I wouldn't tackle that bird if I were you" but she really looked like she was thinking it over. I didn't have a shoe box big enough to put this bird in. So Jay came out and he found a good sized box. We threw a towel over the bird's head and Jay got him into the box which was kind of a triumph because the hawk kept turning around and looking at us and spreading his wings out as a threat. But he couldn't fly so we took him to the Wildlife Center which is about 45 minutes away from us. He had no broken bones, but did suffer a concussion and a hemorrhage in one of his eyes. He recuperated at the Wildlife Center for about 3 weeks and when he was ready to be released, Jay picked him up and brought him home. We released him into our woods and watched him circle and hunt for a bit and then roost in the top of a tall pine tree. I think he is glad to be home!

    1. nilliske 48 months ago | reply

      You like it - I like it. We both do.

    2. 48 months ago | reply

      what a wonderful story! And there he goes

    3. konrad_photography 48 months ago | reply

      Very cool story!!!! Oh and a great shot too!

    4. photo fiddler 48 months ago | reply

      Good for you!!! Windows and cats take a big toll...

    5. angelnfreefall 48 months ago | reply

      The best story! I love the happy ending- and you and Jay are amazing!

    6. popago 48 months ago | reply

      Wow Anita,I did not know they would let you have the privilege of releasing the Hawk out into the Wild.

    7. Larry W Brown 48 months ago | reply

      That's a pretty cool story to go along with this unique capture. And much appluase for your rescue efforts, Anita! ;-)

    8. mothernature photography 48 months ago | reply

      What an inspiring story! You did the right thing and was rewarded for it. Hope it continues on with a healthy life.

      I have seen the same thing happen at my home too, only no hawk, I think it was a cardinal...I just watched it until it recovered, they certainly are "stunned" to say the least. It looked paralyzed for about 10 min. and then suddenly flew up in a tree. It stayed there for awhile and then it was gone. I really hate it when that happens.

    9. cscott_va. 48 months ago | reply

      What a neat story. Glad to hear it fully recovered, and made it back home!

    10. tcpix 48 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot, Anita. Your efforts really helped in his recovery and his getting back home. Thanks for sharing that story!

    11. John H Bowman 48 months ago | reply

      Great capture and information, Anita! It's wonderful you took such care in getting the injured bird the help it needed.

    12. anjan58 47 months ago | reply

      pretty cool story and amazing creature!

    13. Victoria's Daguerrotype 47 months ago | reply

      What a great story, Anita. That is so kind of you to take these birds in to make sure they're ok before you release them. And your cat, eyeballing him!! So funny!

    14. paix120 46 months ago | reply

      wow, how cool!

    15. tarboxje 46 months ago | reply

      What a great story.

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