Sad Billy cat-PLEASE LEAVE A (kiss) NOTE !

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Poor Billy has ended up having to wear one of those collars so she cannot lick her abcess wound.
It's heartbreaking - I have NEVER seen a cat look so sad... she won't even talk to me at the moment.
But - the vet said I have to be cruel to be kind and she has to get better.
She started lick her abcess wound all the time and it was looking red and sore.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make her feel better ?


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  1. strawberry:* 57 months ago | reply

    nice shot!
    we invite you to join our group & post this photo of your cat :3
    (please comment others after posting)

    (,,,)=(^.^)=(,,,) Cats!

  2. strawberry:* 57 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called (,,,)=(^.^)=(,,,) Cats!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  3. Pumpkin Queen87 56 months ago | reply

    sad emo cat <3 the color contrast with those eyes is just *mwha* fantastique!

  4. gina loves kitties 55 months ago | reply

    aw, get well soon, billy! i don't like to see sad hopefully, billy will be happy again soon :) <3

  5. Maggy Davalos 54 months ago | reply

    muuuaack lovely!

  6. fsmphoto 52 months ago | reply

    That is sooo Elizabethan Era.

  7. wunderlust moon 50 months ago | reply

    Poor kitty! Will send healing energy to kitty. We love you Billy cat. Momma is looking out for you too.

  8. butter ball 1 49 months ago | reply

    that is sooooooo cute poro cat though hope colers off

  9. ireth_80 47 months ago | reply

    I love his white jowls.....

  10. Londons~Yours 47 months ago | reply

    Aww! Poor little Billy! Hope he was ok after that! My cat had the exact same thing! He ignored all of us and was always trying to find ways of getting it off! Ahh i love cats.
    Great picture btw! I love the contrast between the eyes and his fur :D

  11. Snakedoctor's Blues 42 months ago | reply

    beautiful photo!
    thanks for sharing with us :3

    (,,,)=(^.^)=(,,,) cats!

  12. Mrs.Lucy.Wayne 30 months ago | reply

    ooown poor baby, my cat gets sad too when he used that stuff :(

  13. Fotofee19 26 months ago | reply

    kisses from me only for you <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. JP-ZMR 26 months ago | reply

    His eyes are sad.

  15. Zinaida Beaumont (Je suis Charlie) 26 months ago | reply

    I have seen that there are soft collars on another picture
    I give you the link
    Poor love
    Some cats look the same by wearing a simple collar (you know, the one they usually wear for walk or not to be lost or have a medal with name and adress on it)

  16. hagler26 26 months ago | reply

    je veux l'élever pour ma compagnie

  17. Le Fil Rouge Photographie 26 months ago | reply

    I'd like to add a tag to the image but I couldn't figure out how to do :/
    Don't worry, maybe she doesn't understand that it's for his own good but he'll get used to it. my kitty had a cone like that once. He kept moonwalking around, bumping into the furniture and not being able to jump... Sometimes he tried to lick himself but ended up licking the cone instead... That was so funny ^^ But after a few days things went better. Of course, things ACTUALLY went A LOT better when we took that thing off!
    Show the little boy that you love him, he'll eventually understand that it's not a punishment! :)
    And give him a little scratchie behind his ear <3

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