Hunting Island Light

Day 5 of our vacation trip

Charleston, SC - Savannah, GA (~175 M, 280km)


On out trip to Savannah, GA we made a detour to visit the Hunting Island Light which is located in Hunting Island State Park on Hunting Island near Beaufort, South Carolina.


Construction started in 1859, but was set back as the tower was destroyed during the Civil War in 1862. Major George H. Elliot is credited with the 1860s development of what is known as the "segmented cast-iron" light house design. In the United States, two were constructed: the Hunting Island Lighthouse and subsequently Florida's Cape Canaveral Light House. Hunting Island’s Lighthouse was designed to be disassembled and moved if required. It consists of cast-iron sections, each weighing up to 1200 pounds which are bolted together to form the shell. the shell is lined with brick, which constitutes the main load-bearing structural element. Erection commenced in 1873, and was completed in 1875.


The Lighthouse was first located on the northern portion of Hunting Island, South Carolina, but severe beach erosion threatened the light station and its structures. By 1888 it was reported that the Atlantic Ocean’s high tide had reached within 35 feet of the keeper's house. As a result, the Lighthouse, the keeper's home and two other structures were relocated a mile away in 1889 to their present locale.


The Light House continued operation until deactivation in 1933. As part of Hunting Island State Park, the tower remains open to the public and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. (from wikipedia)

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Taken on April 27, 2009