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Addresses  shorted with 3 steps less by inserting "#" or "?" | by ►"#"__or__"UserY#"
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Addresses shorted with 3 steps less by inserting "#" or "?"

the best WAY →set the cursor →keySstroke on [#][ENTER] *


sadly, the KeySstroke technique doesn't work on all (german uk +..) keyboards



•the default hotkey [rCTRL] via the open sourceДPP

•hit the [#] key a little earlier on german keyboards "controlled keySstroke"


advantage: ¹highlight|²← and delete³ the address end:


The script inserts "#" and sends the [ENTER] command

The script file creates too an auto activation shortcut


The requiered AutoHotkey "script line" : rwin::send {@}{ENTER}


Do it yourself

→download + click

→grant permission for creating and displaying the sample script

→add the mentioned script line to the sample script and save it (i.e. with [ctrl] + [s])

→click again the downloaded file Autohotkey.exe


Startup activation

drag a shortcut from the downloaded file to "START"* "all Programs"* and release the file in the Startup folder extracts a shortcut to the StartUP folder , its the better choice


*pause on the 3 folders "START menu ";programs;StartUp for <2 sec

** you can move the rwin.exe from the desktop wherever you want


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Taken on September 19, 2008