BARBARA COOPER Tribute to my dear artist friend
Tribute to my dear artist friend
My favorite artist, and dearest friend, BARBARA COOPER, decided to end her suffering and took her life last week.

It is very hard for me to write a tribute about my dear friend, BARBARA COOPER, at this moment, for my heart is so sad, even though, we all knew that this day would one day arrive.

BC was a wonderful artist. I collected many of her works and have quite a few of her paintings in my apartments. It always seems that she is right there with me for I see her in her paintings.

BC is the person who gave me the cool FRENCH-ENGLISH dictionary with the hidden story inside. Somehow her guides, knew that of all her friends, it would be ADDA who would find that incredible story. I will always be grateful for that tremendously generous gift.

Adda was one of the first collectors of her incredible paintings, as well, as an advisor to her first venture into selling her paintings. (Ask more MONEY, was my advice! hahaha)

I was able to connect her with the folks at VISUAL AID who welcomed her in their arms. They provided her with vouchers for art supplies and wonderful heartfelt support.
BC met several incredible artists through VISUAL AID...MRS. VERA & MR TIM were her closest and dearest loves at VISUAL AID.

BC was collected by many people in the BAY AREA. She won several awards and was featured in several art shows in Marin.

Every year BC contributed some of her art works to benefit VISUAL AID or other organizations.

She was deeply loved and appreciated by her friends and her art loving admirers.
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