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PARROTS OF SF on a limb 6A s


San Francisco-Ferry Park


A copy of the famed Maltese Falcon was stolen from JOHN'S GRILL and there is a reward for its return.


So when my 'guides' hinted that there was a copy to be found at a garage sale..along with a nice pair of leather pants to go with my cop uniform, I was ready to hit the first sale I saw.


Yes, there was a perfect fitting pair of leather pants...and low and behold, it is so important to go into every nook and cranny...when your guides guide you...don't put up a fight and say...YUCK. For behold, a person seconds before me found a MALTESE PARROT...a wooden carved parrot probally from the early 1900's...probally from a merry go round....The price...$8.00...probally worth $800...or more...


Since, that got me WAY down, my 'guides' tried to cheer me up by guiding my mom and me to the Embarcadero where we heard the call of the WILD PARROTS OF TELEGRAPH HILL movie...We were so excited...We rushed over to FERRY PARK and there were HUNDREDS of PARROTS all excitedly eating off some volunteers hands...and mouths! (yes, one guy puts the sunflower seeds in his mouth and the parrots take them out of his mouth!..see my photos!)


Well, I shot my camera load...and since the PARROTS are not really, stand still and smile type of are going to see tons of fun shots...though not completely artistic...I HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL TIME TAKING THE PHOTOS...


Several landed on my mom's head, and that made us smile and me snap away. It was such an exciting adventure.


For those who have not seen the movie, THE WILD PARROTS OF TELEGRAPH HILL , I would suggest renting or buying it. A wonderful story of how a homeless guy 'saved' a flock of the parrots on TELEGRAPH HILL. It's really, really sweet.


I remember the parrots when I was living in the CASTRO/CHURCH STREET area back in the late 1970's. The PARROTS lived in the PALM TREES along DOLORES STREET and MARKET STREETS up to DOLORES MISSION PARK. The flock has grown and split over the years. Now there are several flocks of PARROTS throughout the city.


This week there was city legislation passed stating that THE CITY will pay for planting several trees on private property at TELEGRAPH HILL for the PARROTS!




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Uploaded on February 17, 2007