Thumb Calendar 2007

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    This is the 2007 edition.
    UPDATE: See the 2008 EDITION

    This is my submission to the Eliazar's Infodesign Challenge. I got inspired by Luis Pabon's design.

    In my design, 1Q and 2Q are on one side, the rest of the year is on the other. The field of numbers is shared among the six months on each side. The header of each month is appropriately aligned to show the actual days of the week.

    While keeping the size down to 8.4 by 5.5 cm (a common business card), the calendar (when used as shown below) still looks like a normal calendar and the size of the font can be as much as 11 pt.

    Eliazar Cardenas later responded to Luis's and my efforts in his cool remix of our approaches.

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    1. Julia Avina Photography [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      Love this! Very creative. How do I get me a download of this so I can print it and laminate it for myself?

    2. Adam Sporka 99 months ago | reply

      Hi Julia, thank you very much! I have not prepared a PDF for download yet, but encouraged by you, I will :-). The link will appear on this page.

    3. Joe Lanman 99 months ago | reply

      very nice :)

    4. Adam Sporka 99 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Joe! :-)

    5. Adam Sporka 99 months ago | reply

      The PDF for printing and laminating your own copies is ready here:

    6. jusantana_ 99 months ago | reply

      i'm gonna print and laminate it too!
      great idea!

    7. Julia Avina Photography [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      Wow, your the best. I downloaded and printed it right away. I made these for hubby and myself. I hope you win, if I could vote, I would vote for you. Good luck in the contest.

    8. Adam Sporka 99 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much :-).

    9. jchinique 98 months ago | reply

      This totally rocks. Brilliant!

    10. eliazar 98 months ago | reply

      Fantastic Adam! This takes Luis Pabon's design to new heights and synthesizes a lot of the best ideas in the contest!

      I love:

      * 3 month splits--they really make Luis Pabon's design much more usable.

      * How the compression and split allow for "thumbing"--I never saw that one coming!

      * Color for linking month end dates.

      * 11pt typeface.

      * Rounded dayname rows

      * The simplicity and minimalism of the design.

      Not so sure:

      * Absence of number columns (they help a lot).

      * Thumbing hides the current month.

      * Those "rails" around the dayname rows, they don't seem to add anything to the design.

      * A new linking color just for February--the blue dayname row becomes one of the main visual statements of the design.

      Criticism in kind is of course the best kind and so here's a remix of your design. Hope you like it. :)

    11. Adam Sporka 96 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Eliazar, for your comments. I see that I totally forgot to mention my thanks!! Sorry for that!

    12. sandra.d. 94 months ago | reply

      very creative and inovative!
      thank for your so clever creation!
      oOoOooO ;]]] oOoOoOo


    13. deepfriedmario 91 months ago | reply

      whoa, interesting! though the end of the year is almost coming, i'm still going to use it for the rest of 2007. :D great work

    14. Adam Sporka 91 months ago | reply

      Thank you! Don't worry, I'll make a 2008 issue :-)

    15. Lee Bennett 90 months ago | reply

      Adam - without question, I dub the 2008 version as the best pocket calendar design ever created. Assuming my office decides to make pocket calendars (I'm not yet sure they will), would I be able to arrange permission to use this design and, if so, how should I appropriately credit the design?

    16. stephen anderson (Artist) 90 months ago | reply

      how the heck did you figure out the number layout, will it work for all years? genius job..

    17. Adam Sporka 89 months ago | reply

      Thanks much!
      Well, this works only for 2007. You need to re-shift the day-name rows for each year you're making the calendar for.

    18. chensamurai 89 months ago | reply

      Once again, Great innovation!

      Your work was used in this article:

    19. KnittySara 85 months ago | reply

      I've shown the card you gave me to a ton of people already. Such a clever idea!

    20. mlhradio 37 months ago | reply

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