Site Visit: W43 Tower
The Woodward’s redevelopment project, named after the Woodward’ s Department Store that once existed on-site, is a mixed-use development located at the intersection between Downtown Vancouver, Gastown, and the Downtown Eastside. The project incorporates 736 housing units (536 market housing, 200 non-market housing) into a comprehensive project that contains retail space, a university campus, and community amenities and services. The Woodward’s redevelopment includes four structures (one tower , two mid-rise buildings, and the former Woodward’s Department Store) that facilitate street-level public space.

The primary architectural volume of the project is the W43 Tower, which is a 40-storey tower with a triangular, flatiron massing that is located at the northern side of the site on West Cordova Street. The W43 Tower is characterised by concrete pillars, a stylised red façade, and the old ‘W’ sign that once sat on the roof of the former Woodward’s Department Store placed at the base of the tower.

The remainder of the site incorporates three other structures that house a university campus, a grocery store, a pharmacy, a bank, and various community services. The centre of the site features an indoor public plaza with a two-storey tall photograph re-enactment of the 1971 Gastown Riots, entitled Abbott and Cordova, by local artist Stan Douglas.
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