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Flemingia macrophylla (Willd.) Merr | by Ahmad Fuad Morad
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Flemingia macrophylla (Willd.) Merr

RIUM. WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Flemingia macrophylla (Willd.) Merr. Fabaceae. CN: [Malay - Seringan, Beringan, Serengan jantan], Indonesia -Apa-apa, Hahapaan, Pok-kepokan. Native to China, Taiwan, Indian Subcontinent, Indo-China, Malesia (Indonesia, Malaysia; elsewhere naturalized in paleotropics and cultivated Erosion control, soil improver, potential as forage, tannin/dyestuff, folk medicine. Plant woody, deep-rooting, tussock-forming shrub, 1-4 m tall. Young branches greenish, ribbed, triangular in section and silky. Old stems brown, almost round in section. Leaves digitately trifoliate; stipules lanceolate, 1-1.5 cm long, covered with silky hairs, early caducous; petiole up to 10 cm long, narrowly channelled, slightly winged; leaflets elliptical-lanceolate, 6-16 x 4-7 cm, papery, dark green, base rounded, veins covered with silky hairs, apex rounded to acuminate. Inflorescence a dense axillary raceme, sub-spiciform, sessile, 2.5-10 cm long, pale velutinous, green, with 5 lanceolate lobes; corolla with greenish elliptical standard and distinct parallel red veins, wings narrow and much shorter than the keel, light purple at the apex. Pod oblong, inflated, 8-15 x 5 mm, covered with fine glandular hairs, dehiscent, dark brown, 2-seeded. Seed globular, 2-3 mm in diameter, shiny black.


Note: Some vernacular names used interchangeable associating the two species, i.e. F. strobilifera and F. macrophylla.



Crotalaria macrophylla Willd. (basionym)

Flemingia congesta Roxb. ex W. T. Aiton

Flemingia latifolia Benth.

Moghania macrophylla (Willd.) Kuntze

and many more; see The Plant List


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Taken on October 2, 2012