Dave's pizza

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    1. mezzoblue ages ago | reply

      Mmmm. Laaaammmmb.

    2. John Oxton ages ago | reply

      Looks damn tasty I must say.

    3. WordRidden ages ago | reply

      It was scrumptious. The lamb sausage combined with the red bell pepper in the sauce was absolutely lovely. I bow to Dave's pizza-making skills!

    4. Dimitri Glazkov ages ago | reply

      Did you guys make the dough separately? I want recipes! And tips! And tricks! I've yet to enter the fancy world of dough-making.

    5. mezzoblue ages ago | reply

      Dough was made by hand. Tomato sauce was made by hand. Cows were milked by hand. Lambs were slaughtered by hand.

      Okay, not the last two.

    6. FatBusinessman ages ago | reply

      “Jeremy Keith’s photostream: Now with Shea™ technology for added mouth-wateringness!”

    7. Justin Thorp ages ago | reply

      Wow! That looks really good. I would love to get a recipe for that.

    8. andyb ages ago | reply

      Fantastic sauce with beautifully caramelized onions.

    9. Veerle Pieters ages ago | reply

      This looks yummy indeed :-)

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