Czech Republic, 12 -18 Jan 2007
Kelly and I spent 6 days in the Czech Republic in January 2007. I haven't been in Europe since I visited Jay in Germany in 1998, but for Kelly this trip was a mini-homecoming-- she lived in Prague in the late 90s.

We spent the first several days in the Smichov neighborhood, at Andel's Hotel, exploring the city on foot and via the fantastic public transportation system by day, and enjoying heavy, starchy meals and sub-$1 beers at a variety of pubs, clubs, and bars in the evenings. On our 3rd day, we rented a VW Golf and drove south to Pills wall in Český Budejovice and Český Krumlov. We spent a night in Krumlov and returned to Prague, this time Staré Město at the Tulip In Terminus.

Notable events and encounters:

Visits to the Roxy/NoD for Art's Birthday 2007 (which we planned) and some late night minimal electronic djs (on a whim).

Watching a tram driver run to the back of the car to reprimand some punks for smoking, only to realize that someone had died on the tram a little while earlier. We had to get off the tram and wait for the next, and the punks got away scott free.

The Museum of Czech Cubism (The House of the Black Madonna) packed a punch

The Egon Shiele Art Centrum was closed for installations!

Best meals were had at Kolkovna and a small pension/cafe in Český Krumlov.

Kelly now digs saurkraut.

Cheapest beer had: 19 crowns (about 95 cents). Most expensive: 40 crowns (about $2).
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