South London B Active Showcase
In just three months, the B Active programme - launched by Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) and Active Communities Network (ACN) - has attracted more than 800 new London participants, providing young people with regular access to sport and physical activity.
This early success was celebrated yesterday afternoon at the B Active summer showcase event at Geraldine Mary Hamsworth Park in South London. Over 250 young people, volunteers, and government officials came together in a celebration of sport and community in the borough. This followed a similar event earlier this month in Brent, which saw a further 100 young people take part in an afternoon of sport & fitness.
With the aim of improving the lifestyles of young people aged 16-24 through access to sport and physical activity, B Active is now active across North and South London, Manchester, Belfast, Hull and Newport. Over 4,000 participants are already active nationwide, including 700 young people who are going beyond participation to seek accreditation in vocationally recognised qualifications through the programme. The Southwark summer showcase is just one of many events that have happened across the UK over the past month to celebrate the initial success of B Active.
Through the programme, young people are supported in leading informal sessions focusing on key health-related issues such as diet, fitness and mental wellbeing. The weekly sessions aim to bring like-minded people together and drive grassroots participation in sport and exercise, helping to achieve the programme’s long-term ambition of engaging and inspiring young people through sport.
Councillor William Houngbo enthused “This has been a great event and it’s created a real sense of community. The programme teaches the young people that they can achieve a lot when they work together. I’ve seen other initiatives like this fail but B Active is different as it involves the young people in every aspect of its management.”
Local resident and B Active regular attendee Joseph Vambe: “I’ve really enjoyed the showcase, events like this are quite rare in the area. There were loads of us participating, it was competitive, and I saw some mates that I haven’t seen in years so it’s great we could come together like this.”
Oliur Rahman, Director of External Relations at Active Communities Network concluded: “We’ve had a great summer showcase with lots of young people in Southwark getting involved with the sports on offer. It’s important to celebrate the success we’ve had to date and inform newcomers about B Active, so we can grow the programme even more. I have no doubt that we will continue to make positive changes in the community and we’re grateful to have the investment from Lucozade Ribena Suntory to enable us to make this happen.”
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