Untitled. 13/52.

This wasn't going to be part of my 52 weeks, but oh well. Kind of getting attached to the square crop, too. Last Monday I had taken a solo stroll through the dunes of our town's "beach". Felt good just to walk around alone when I was in a bad mood, location scout, practice with settings to get them right for shooting in the day, and appreciate the land we got up here. It’s nice sometimes.


July is the last full month I'll be back home. Come August 20-something, I'll be back at school. Still taking pictures, of course, but I think I'm going to do a photo-a-day-for-30-days-project within this 52 for the month of July. Between the desire to shoot, practice different editing styles and post things I'm proud of more often, seeing the success of Nikki's wonderful month-long journey, and the great idea of Nicholas' relaxed 365, I wanted to try doing something every day too. Just so I can force myself to stop being lazy and shoot what's in my head with the beautiful locations around here I never get to use while at school.. especially before the hecticness of moving in starts again. Baby steps.


It may be a horrible idea considering I have eight speeches and a 10+page research paper due by the first week of August, and I think my best pictures are the ones I took more time to plan out, but uh, we'll see starting tomorrow.


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Taken on June 25, 2012