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two-light self portrait setup shot

A Paul C Buff Einstein E640 at EU4.3 (121WS) through a PhotoFlex Medium OctoDome supported by an Avenger A4039CS Combi-bomb camera right three and a half feet away and slightly above.


Another Einstein at EU0.4 (4.7WS) with a Paul C Buff 8.5" reflector (no grid) two and a half feet away from the background for separation.


CyberCommander on the camera.

CSXCV on the Einsteins

Sekonic L-758D to fire the camera

PocketWizard PlusII connected to the camera with a PocketWizard CM-N3-P cable.

I like this setup because it allows me to adjust light power with the CyberCommander, meter the CyberCommander settings with the L-758D, and be able to fire the camera remotely.


The objective of tonight's exercise was to work on the light shape on the background. I tried the Paul C Buff White Shovel Background Reflector, but moved to the 8.5" reflector because the shovel reflector does not give a full 360-degree round light. The bottom has an angled shape. I wanted something that was round all the way around. (Update: I have discovered that the PCB shovel can work if a PCB 8.5" grid is set across the front of the shovel. Makes for a nice round light.) The other objective was to work on a single, main-light setup. The PhotoFlex Medium Octo works well in my small room and gives a big surface that wraps around well when pointed 90 degrees to the axis and moved toward the camera.


Here is the final product.

Here is another version of the final product.

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Taken on August 2, 2011