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Safety First or 2nd? - OSHA is for Wimps - Advertising Campaign Photo | by ACME-Nollmeyer
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Safety First or 2nd? - OSHA is for Wimps - Advertising Campaign Photo


This image blogged on the Valley PR Blog - Phoenix AZ.


A new photo for the Safety Second Ad campaign sponsored by "OSHA is for



Isn't it interesting how everyone says, "Safety First" but then the same people harp on speed, quality, customer service and other issues. Safety IS important, and it just sounds wrong to say safety second, third or anything other than first!.... But is safety really always first?


You tell me?




I had a minor accident involving Hatcht vs Finger. I went to the ER and needed 3 stiches. My online friends kinda gave me static, so I made this photo of myself.


Over a year ago I cut my hand on a glass and needed 21 stitches I posted a bloody photo as well as the clean one. I thought I would save the gore for now and do something crazy and fun but with less blood.


© 2008 Adam Nollmeyer - All Rights Reserved. - Corporate Advertising Photography



*strobist* (Technical lighting info)

Med umbrella camera right (shoot into white)

20deg gridspot as a hair / edge light from behind subject camera left.

Background light = 30 (or 40) degree gridsopt w/ purple gel. (from bottom right)

Background is "Thunder Grey" Savage background.

Strobes are White Lightning X1600 by Paul C Buff (awesome company)

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Taken on May 5, 2008