Dr. Mona Tajali
"The Rise of Islamic Politics in Turkey."

Date: May 31, 2018
Place: Capital City Club
Atlanta, Georgia.

ACIR welcomed Dr. Mona Tajali who spoke on "The Rise of Islamic Politics in Turkey." For decades the relationship between the United States and Turkey has been described as one of the most important relationships in the region. During the Cold War, Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), was the backbone of NATO's defense of its "Southern Flank." Today, however, such factors as domestic politics, changing national perceptions, and regional conflicts have served to undermine both Turkey's relationship with NATO and the United States. What had often been described as a long-lasting strategic relationship between the United States and Turkey has become frayed.

Dr. Mona Tajali is an Assistant Professor of International Relations and Women's Studies at Agnes Scott College. Her research and teaching interests fall in the fields of Comparative Politics, Middle East Studies, and Women's Studies. Coming from an interdisciplinary background, she teaches courses in women and politics, Middle East politics and society, human rights, and international relations. Her current book project focuses on the intersections of political and institutional structures, religious and cultural norms and values, and voter behavior concerning women's political representation and the quality of democracy in Muslim contexts.
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