Dr. Kenneth Stein
Dr. Kenneth Stein
The U.S. and the Middle East: Policies Amidst a Fragmenting Region
January 23rd, 2019

ACIR was honored to host Dr. Kenneth Stein, Director of Emory University's Middle East Research Program, who spoke on the topic, "The U.S. and the Middle East: Policies Amidst a Fragmenting Region."

Since the “Arab Spring” the Middle East has been in political turmoil. Among other things, we have seen a rise sectarian and tribal formations, as well a resurgence of Iranian efforts to influence events in the region. For Israel, such changes pose a significant challenge. In the absence of an evident path to stability and security in the region, the recent decision of the United States to end its military commitment in Syria, further limit its military commitments in Afghanistan, and the resultant perceived U.S. declining interest in the region, Israel is increasingly looking to work with others in the region to enhance its security. Come listen to Professor Kenneth Stein address the policy issues confronting the United States and the region as they attempt to deal with the increasing fragmentation and political turmoil in the Middle East.

About Dr. Kenneth W. Stein

For over 40 years, Professor Ken Stein has taught Middle Eastern History & Politics at Emory University. Hisscholarship focuses on the politics of modern Arab world, American foreign policy toward the Middle East, modern Israel & the Arab-Israeli negotiating process. His scholarly publications include: History Politics and Diplomacy of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, A Documentary Source Compilation (2017), an e-book; Heroic Diplomacy: Sadat, Kissinger, Carter, Begin, and the Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace (1999);Making Peace Among Arabs & Israelis: Lessons from Fifty Years of Negotiating Experience (1991); The Land Question in Palestine, 1917 (1984); & The June 1967 War: How it Changed Jewish, Israeli & Middle Eastern History (2017 Recently, he published, an article, “What if the Palestinian Arab Elite Had Chosen Compromise Rather than Boycotts in Confronting Zionism?
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