Push Mower

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    Today's acquisition - a push mower! Two previous powered ones had broken and died, and my sister recently mentioned how much her husband enjoyed using his push mower. Of course, their lawn is flat and our is all hill, but why let a little detail like that get in the way?

    Although I muscled it around a little, mostly I documented the fresh blades slicing through the rainstorm-powered lushness of our insanely overgrown yard at the speed of a flat-out run. Note the flying fragments of grassy death!


    1. lighthack 62 months ago | reply

      I love the vivid colors and the "stop action" grass flying. Cool shot.

    2. torturedmommy 62 months ago | reply

      I love the colors and the flying grass as well. It brings back memories of my childhood when we used a push mower to cut our lawn.

    3. bansgran2 62 months ago | reply

      this is a fabulous capture...

    4. bakinbitz **busy** 62 months ago | reply

      Great capture!! Love that flying grass....

    5. _ErikaJean_ 62 months ago | reply

      I love this shot! We do a push mower too ;-)

    6. Corina Nielsen 2009 61 months ago | reply

      this is such a great shot! Love everything!

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