Tagged+Birthday! :3

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Well, I was tagged. Oh the dread! Joking, I think this is actually fun. :P

1. Today is my birthday!
2. I am wearing a duct tape hat, made of only duct tape and cardboard. :3
3. I <3 reading books.
4. Libraries are the bomb.
5. I'm almost done with my castle.
6. I very much dislike sorting Lego. Even if it is very useful. :3
7. I got Lego for my birthday
8. I'm a nerd. 8-)
9. I'm also cool! 8-)
10. I'm not gonna end on 10, just because I'm awesome like that.
11. I love to draw/sketch.

I don't know 10 people to tag, therefor I won't tag 10 people. :3

I am now done. Resume your regular dull boring lives. That is all. :3

I was tagged by the infamous Beakr.

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  1. JP(Inactive) 64 months ago | reply

    Happy Birthday Bro!

  2. .Carl 64 months ago | reply

    Nice hat!

  3. မBowflex Bodyမ 64 months ago | reply

    Ah, happy birthday man! Did you get my stuff yet?

  4. မBowflex Bodyမ 64 months ago | reply

    Never mind, just got your message ;)

  5. (..........) [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    /is geek, not nerd. itag u ;)

  6. AceBricks 64 months ago | reply

    Nemowerty JP(Inactive) Señor S Thanks Bros.
    Zachary :) Thanks Caz.
    (..........) Geek and nerd is same thing iknow you tag me. :3

  7. Si-MOCs 64 months ago | reply

    greatest hat ever!

    Happy Birthday dude!

    (hurry up and finish your castle!)

  8. AceBricks 64 months ago | reply

    Simon Liu Thanks! I am trying to go as fast as I can! but I keep getting the urge to build in another theme. *sigh. Plus, I can't think of what to do on the biggest tower! Ugh!

  9. Si-MOCs 64 months ago | reply

    AceBricks hehe I know the feeling... I have so many ideas to build so many things ... I'm on a Xmas kick right now... then switching to Castle... then pirates... then maybe back to my beloved Scifi/space....

  10. ‹Blλze [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    AceBricks :3 Seriously, I want a hat like that, that's legit.

  11. knobbyplastic [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    Yes, love them books. Reading FTW.

  12. [IB] 64 months ago | reply

    [https://www.flickr.com/photos/knobby-plastic] Readers unite!

  13. AceBricks 64 months ago | reply

    LLLLLLLLLLLLET'S PLAY. I'll make you one for $10 bucks, plus shipping. :3
    [https://www.flickr.com/photos/knobby-plastic] Kyle "M-16 Junkie" Super Readers, or maybe, THE READ TEAM! nah...To old school. :3

  14. [IB] 64 months ago | reply

    AceBricks Book brothers :D

  15. (..........) [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    1. Happy b-day!
    2. O_o
    3. AWWWWWWWWWWWW YEEEAAAAHHH (even better, writing them :P)
    4. Not the one where I live -.-
    5. Castles are meh
    6. THIS
    7. Obviously :P
    8. w00t
    9. >.>
    10. Like a bawss
    11. This, though i'm lame at it :(

  16. Annie Corder 64 months ago | reply

    That is an awesome hat. :)

  17. Kyle Hardisty 64 months ago | reply

    Hppy b day senior coolietown awesomo ducttapehat

  18. Julandrius 64 months ago | reply

    Happy Birthday man :D

  19. AceBricks 64 months ago | reply

    Kyle "M-16 Junkie" Brotherhood of the book? xD
    (..........) :D
    Annie Corder Thanks. :P
    Julien Andries Thanks! Same to you!

  20. : VolumeX : 64 months ago | reply

    A belated Happy Birthday, love the custom hat.

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