The line at Best Buy. #nexusS

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    1. Willi Kampmann 69 months ago | reply

      Has this photo been made with Instagram? The effect looks like it.

    2. AccidentalJulie 69 months ago | reply

      yoshi1080: It's with Hipstamatic.

      In fairness, he posed for this photo. There wasn't a line - the sales guy wasn't even sure if they were *getting* any of the phones. They didn't have any at this store, and we were directed to a store nearby that had 70 in stock in their inventory system. The store nearby? Was a Best Buy Mobile store in a mall and didn't open until 9 (even though Best Buy's press release implied ALL Best Buy's would be open at 8). We were still first in line there, although two more people showed up just before the store opened. We left at about 9:20, and no other Nexus buyers had appeared.

    3. randomblackguyoc 69 months ago | reply

      miker71 Apparently you don't understand "demand" either.

    4. tristanotierney 69 months ago | reply

      @miker71 I think the whole point is:
      1. Apple makes their release dates known through strong media channels, rather than poorly messaged or non-existant
      2. They have one consistent product, rather than 50 to choose from, so people can actually buy them all in one place
      3. Apple actually makes products nice enough that people are willing to wait for them

    5. Vlad Grodzinskiy 69 months ago | reply

      Somehow the 4 stores in SE Michigan all knew these devices were coming, only sell one per customer, and were all sold out by noon today.

    6. Jonas Eklundh 69 months ago | reply

      The Nexus S has been released? :)

    7. jeffrsmall 69 months ago | reply

      What's a Nexus S?

    8. joalkja 69 months ago | reply

      Tristan O'Tierney
      4. apple only releases _one_ phone per year.
      a) you want the best and greatest iPhone as soon as possible? well, you line up in a queue the day it is released.
      b) you want the best and greatest gPhone as soon as possible? well, you just walk in to a best buy, any day of the year (but it is the best and greatest only for a week or two)

    9. jonwinton 69 months ago | reply

      Made me chuckle.

    10. Alejandro Escobell [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      Nexus S … what's that? ;)

    11. Lapsus 69 months ago | reply

      As successful as the Nexus One, then.

    12. Mxrk.Net 69 months ago | reply

      You have to admit those are pretty wicked concrete barriers, though. What are those, the new CTX-80s?

    13. Hub☺ 69 months ago | reply

      Are you sure the picture is not taken in Canada with the sole bloke that believe Best Buy will sell it in Canada? ;-)

    14. chiwan 69 months ago | reply

      aw. Give Joy. awwww.

    15. pwacher 69 months ago | reply

      Hilarious! Could have been me! ;)

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