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Devastator (12) (Matt Edition)

This is a completed VERY old commission for one of my most understanding and patient customers to date. This is one of the LAST Devastators to ever leave my shop.


I made several improvements to Devastator this round. Starting at the top, the shoulders/arns require NO extra parts to mount to the torso. Hook (upper torso) snaps into combined mode via specially designed custom parts via Shapeways. His cement barrel now clips into a peg/hole system. Devastator's also got a nice custom gun and the all important waist articulation. Devastator stands 15" tall, and has articulation: head (ball joint) full shoulder movement (ratcheting) elbows, forearms (swivel), hands (each finger w/ 2 point of articulation, waist, hip (ratchet) knee, swiveling lower leg, and some articulation in the feet (mixmaster's got double jointed heel for example)

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Taken on June 7, 2012