Steve Jobs Speaks At WWDC07

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    Steve Jobs speaks at his keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference.

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    1. unique swing [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Thanks for the great photo and use of a CC License.

      This photograph was recently featured in an episode of 60 Seconds, which can be found here:

      Cheers. Ethan

    2. ages ago | reply

      Hallo, i am the administrator of the german apple fangroup, and i would you to invite to add your picture at our group. Many thanks!

    3. cameraconscious 120 months ago | reply


      Nice photo. Thanks for sharing. I have used the image at:

      10 Reasons why Apple can still do well


    4. Katchooo 105 months ago | reply

      Hi, just wanted to let you know that I used your image of Steve Jobs to illustrate a post on the Grant Thornton blog about the rise of CEOs speaking and presenting. So thankyou for sharing it.

      You can see the link at 'Oratory is back in business'...

    5. acaben 105 months ago | reply

      You're welcome, Katchooo. Thanks for letting me know!

    6. virtuallykc 104 months ago | reply

      Behold, our technological messiah :)

      Thanks for the great photo and the flexible licensing! I'm using it in my iphone guide/app to SF ->

      Let me know if you want a promo code!

    7. marwannas 101 months ago | reply

      Thanks a lot for the CC license, really appreciate it!

    8. Juliana Beletsis 87 months ago | reply

      We're here to put a dent in the universe. -Steve Jobs, entrepreneur and inventor (1955-2011)

    9. telmogato2000 87 months ago | reply

      A maior invenÇÃO da humanidade É A morte ,depois dela vem o novo( Steve jÒBs ) A humanidade perde um grande homen ,descanÇA em paz steve

    10. sylva.portoian 86 months ago | reply

      I love to see Steve's photos when he was young...I am sure he has many, because of his Armenian parents (I don't like to use adopted). Armenians are talented in photography at every place they settled...As Yousif Karsh (1908-2002) another soul from genocide...his famous photo of Sir Winston Churchill.

      Genius Steve Jobs (Hagobian) and
      His Arminian Principles

      Steve was taught Armenian
      Learned to read and write it at a young age
      Steve knew in detail about the Armenian genocide…
      What it meant…!
      His parents spoke about it every day …
      These were the stories of his childhood…
      Not beautiful Cinderella or the story of three bears

      God is Great
      Enabling every being
      Carrying I’s in their pockets,
      To know about Armenians
      Who were genocided …orphaned, slayed*…
      Expelled from their ancient land
      Artful, dedicated, a cultured race …
      Creators of Kingdoms…Fortresses…Alphabets

      Ancestors of newly-fashioned Turkey…
      In Western Armenia…Cilicia
      Around the most beautiful Mount Ararat
      Since Noah’s days
      Before all Prophets
      Before Buddha
      Before Moses…
      Before Jesus Christ…
      Before Mohammad…
      Before all the saints

      Now no real Armenian is there anymore
      All scimitared… Turkified
      Their Culture…
      Their Religion
      Their Names…
      All forgotten...vanished!

      Read on the Internet
      And pray that some still exist
      After 1.5 million stabbed in their chests...

      And by luck...Steve’s real parents
      Who nourished him with kisses and cakes
      In spite of having little wealth---
      Were Armenians who escaped
      The Hamidian Genocide of 1894…

      He was lucky to be brought up
      By their Soulful hearts and hands…
      Teaching him honest Armenian principles
      Which were implanted and became part of his genes...

      As documented by his friends,
      Steve did not care for cents, as much as he cared
      to proceed daily with inventions
      Making people happy to sing with him with their iPhones... iPads…iPods….
      To play with... and feel as if they had invented them all.

      Steve worked selflessly hard
      Yet was fired from his self-styled Apple
      In spite of being born in America---
      In the most ‘wide-wild’ green land...!

      Sylva Portoian, MD

    11. oyvindshansen 84 months ago | reply

      Just wanted to let you know that we have used this picture on a blog post on Thanks for sharing! :)

    12. oho_o0204 51 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing.

    13. ariel.piccoli 37 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing.Just wanted to let you know that we have used this picture on a blog Thanks!!!

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