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Astronomy = Danger

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seems to be fairly misrepresenting the tripods that they sell in this shop...

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  1. potato potato hates the new layout 94 months ago | reply

    you should put this in the stick figures in peril group.

  2. liccle_minx 94 months ago | reply

    ...how exactly....do they have venomous teeth.....a large glistening serated knife which can cut off digits.....how....

    ...oh...apparently a leg may snap causing the whole thing to fall over and crush some unsuspecting no handed stick man......so....errmmm.....danger.....beware....!!

  3. Terry Geldard [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    i wonder how many deaths have accured from using telescopes.

  4. Gendoo 93 months ago | reply

    please post to :
    Sign of the Times/
    our aesthetic demands... no... depends on it!

  5. hrw worcester 93 months ago | reply

    First the Pluto hoopla, now this?? Astronomy is doomed!

  6. You are extremely stupid, you know? 90 months ago | reply

    Yes astronomy is dangerous. A stargazer in Taiwan fell from the top of a house twice when he was gazing stars. Some amateurs in Hong Kong dropped their notebook computer, or even mirrors of Newtonian telescopes accidentally from windows. Luckily no death caused.

    Some astronomers die of being pressed by massive telescopes or closing dome.

  7. anitab83 89 months ago | reply

    Now I know why my parents wouldn't give me the telescope I wanted for my 7th birthday ... although I did convince them by my 8th. They also made me ride my bike with a big dorky flag, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were worried that the telescope would actually fall on me ... they are so funny.

    Thanks for making this picture Creative Commons! I just posted a bunch of these funny signs at Funny Signs at Say No to Crack.

  8. _mpd_ [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

    Wow. I will be more careful around telescopes in the future.

  9. Abulic Monkey 71 months ago | reply

    this is my most popular photo on here...

    that makes me feel a bit sad

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