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the planets | by absolutwade
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the planets

"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe"

- Carl Sagen


I love this model of the planets. Notice the bottom picture how all the sizes of the planets in our solar system compare to the size of the sun.


In the middle picture you get another stark comparison of how the solid matter planets like earth are dwarfed in size to that of the gas giants.


It's amazing really to think how many things had to come together for the earth to exist. A spiraling black hole in the center of the galaxy to cause the orbit of large planetary masses and stellar debris. The massive size of Jupiter to deflect most of the stellar debris from Earth, the other once planet colliding into earth to create our moon and a stable orbit around the sun. The heavy metals such as Iron collecting together along with the chemical elements of water creating a rich mixture rarely found elsewhere in the universe so far. And all these materials gathering in just the right distance from the sun to allow life to flourish.


Also interesting is how our planet is rich in Iron and so are we. It's in our blood, it's why it's the color red and smells the way it does. It's amazing to think about it and make the connections.



image downloaded from the interwebs. I did not create this model.

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Taken on December 2, 2005