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Join my lovely new group! My first group ever...


Yes, that thing on my face is a bat. More specifically, a dead bat. heard me. Dead.


Call me sick, call me stupid, call me crazy...all that proves is that I'm the only girl with a picture of a dead bat on her face. :D


Honestly, she didn't disgust me at all. First off, I did not kill her. She was dead already. The only reason I felt like throwing up the entire shoot was because I was hanging upside-down from my bed. But if you want me to complain, she did smell a little, for the obvious reasons.


Bat corpse, bat corpse...don't get me wrong, I lovelovelove animals. She is kinda cute, too. ;D


If this bothers you, I'm sorry (but not really). Please don't comment if you're only going to tell me how gross it is.


Oh, and about my makeup, don't get too excited. I added it in Photoshop. I am makeup-handicapped in real life. Unfortunately, I'm not that pale. I wish I was!

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Taken on July 23, 2007