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Night Terrors | by Diana Pinto
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Night Terrors

Still in Abano Terme. It rained here a few nights ago. I went out to the market yesterday and got some more clothes, so hopefully I can use those for pictures soon. Oh, and I had ox tongue for dinner. :D


I've mixed feelings on this one, part of me likes it while the other hates it.


This is one of the reasons I do like my's long enough to strangle myself with.


I'm a creature of the night (damn, now I'm going to have that song in my head for hours!)...I love anything to do with night time. I find it interesting how we need to use lights to illuminate what we doubt is still there in the cover of darkness. In Italy, most of the apartments nowadays have these thick, mechanical curtains that shut out pretty much all light. That's how I exist when I'm in my hotel room during the day. Depressing, I know, but I do like a little natural light every now and then.


Anyway, this is inspired by the fact that my hotel room is starting to freak me out. They keep playing that advert for the movie Vacancy here, and I wouldn't be frightened any other day except, y'know, when I happen to be alone in my hotel room at night. It's not just the TV, it's the room itself. For example, when I open the door to come in, the doors to the balcony swing open (which makes me feel like someone is on my balcony, behind the curtains). Every now and then, the toilet starts to make strange noises. Last night, the phone rang and the caller simply hung up without saying a word. The worst thing happened yesterday: I was reading on Wikipedia about this guy who hung himself on a live webcam...and all of a sudden, my computer starts whispering to me. I almost died but quickly remembered the song I was listening to starts out with 5 minutes of silence and whispers. But I still had to lie down for a few minutes.




On the other hand, the tears are inspired by something that I went through a few nights ago that I'm too insecure to discuss here.




In other news, I've been strangely uninspired. I've tried out about 10 photoshoots in the past 4 days, all of which failed miserably. This one was the only one with prospects.


Oh, and here's a little fact about me; I don't really watch cartoons because I don't tend to like them (for instance, I can't stand Spongebob), but the one cartoon I am head-over-heels for is Futurama. I love that show to death! Watch this clip, it's from one of my favorite episodes...heheh.


Okay, this description has gone a few miles more than expected. Now I will stop.

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Taken on July 12, 2007