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Forsake | by Diana Pinto
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This is my most recent corset, made by the truly amazing Astrid at


I must show you the colors of it at some point! I love love love it.


I'm still not so prolific with my art, but I seem to be nearing the end of this tunnel I'm in right now. I'm not quite ready to be a busybody just yet but I despise going into dark moments in my personal life because no one likes a whiner. There are these times when I just want to world to stop and take me to my better memories before all the worry and the it too much to ask? Anyways, I'm moving through this period with pretty much everything Joss Whedon has ever done. Happiness is on its way back!


Please be respectful, any comment or message that makes me slightly uncomfortable in any way will have you blocked. Just because I've accepted the fact that about 85% of the attention I will receive from this photo will be male doesn't mean I'm okay with people seeing it for what it isn't meant to be and casting those thoughts in my direction.


TTV, Argus Super 75, shot with a 100mm 2.8 macro lens and overlayed with a texture (also shot by me). Wanna know how?




Ok, curious people, about my corset habit: I do tightlace! Not 24/7, but whenever I feel like it. On an empty stomach when my weight isn't fluctuating too much I can reduce 4" (which gives me a 22" waist). In the picture here I'm not quite at 22" but I'm pretty close. It's not a massive reduction but it took me a few months and lots of patience to get to it!


My ultimate goal is a 6" reduction, but wouldn't cry if I had to settle for 5".


Oh, and to answer the most frequently asked question...yes, I can breathe! And since it's custom made for my figure it's not painful either. Astrid is a very competent corsetiere!

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Taken on July 16, 2010