• very nice affect.
    looks like a vicodin. - kristin-kelly
  • Great photo! This makes me cringe a bit, I HATE when the coating comes off on my tongue. - Marley Kinkead

Dry Swallow

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Nothing too special except that now my tongue is numb.

I took 95 photos and only 1 looked halfway decent! I guess that's all it takes...

Just to clear suspicions, it's not narcotics. I'm not into drugs. I do, however, have a headache problem that calls for 400-800mg of ibuprofen per day, which often makes it look as though I'm a pill-popper. Trust me, drugs are not my thing.

Hmmm, I feel this photo is missing something...

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  1. Shadowzrwithu [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    Its really awesome

  2. Pixel Panther 89 months ago | reply

    Well after 95 of those I guess the headache problem is not a problem ;) ....nice shot, and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!...look forward to seeing more in 2007 - that gives you about 3 hours or so ;) Rgds from Pixel

  3. _saurabh_ 89 months ago | reply

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  4. cool_colonia4711 89 months ago | reply

    very interesting shot!!!

  5. .Mohammad Taheri 89 months ago | reply

    I don't know what this photo is missing, it looks pretty good to me :)
    I like the numbers on the pill, it makes it even more freaky, the blue streak also does the finishing job, to make this one a fave.

    About taking 95 photos, its also happens to me sometimes, and the other times the 'good' one happens first and all the rest turn out 'not so good'. I guess its luck and a bit of 'in the moment' consequences that make you take the photo differently the next turn.

  6. capriana 89 months ago | reply

    well, for all the trouble you went through, i say it was well worth it.
    suffering for art just makes it that much more valuable eh?
    anyways, i really do like it, the crop is great, and it has a the concept is great. And yes, I do love your camera!

  7. Ladee_X [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    This is a great shot. The capture is perfect and the lighting works amazingly. I love it!!

  8. Vibrant Heart 13 88 months ago | reply

    Self expression done well. Nice.

  9. yelinna 88 months ago | reply

    I understand you, I hava a headache problem too. I can't survive without aspirines.

  10. nortecphoto 87 months ago | reply

    I was listening to Deftones - Change when I stumbled upon this. It seemed to fit. Great picture.

  11. daina loves color 86 months ago | reply

    i loveee this
    ick but doesnt that taste HORRIBLE?
    i have headache issues too.
    i take about 1200-1800mg of ibuprofen a day :/

  12. littlegraypixel 82 months ago | reply

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  13. shiraz007_99 77 months ago | reply

    Great Photo!

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  14. dashiell_hamet 74 months ago | reply

    I don't think that is missing anything! It is a really great picture!

  15. chazmorris03 [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    thats called hydrocodone!

  16. HulaGrafix & 98 Percent Photography 71 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Tongues with........, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

    brilliant, how all the numbers look perfect !

  18. Hot Knives 66 months ago | reply

    Ahh this makes my tummy feel weird just looking at it!!

  19. 'zur [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

    it's like a piece of chalk -- one line down the neuraxis of your body, in sky blue

  20. cherryboiy 57 months ago | reply

    beautiful shot. something missing? um... What if you tried turning down saturation a little bit on everything except the pill?

    Just a thought. Loves it though~

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