Run 696 - The Ball Breaker - The Lost Balls Run
15th September 2019 - Soma Vineyards, Sonnenahalli, near Bangalore.

RUN 696 - THE LOST BALLS RUN – The Ball Breaker Run at Somasutra Whine Yard

“Some dance to remember, some dance to forget” to “Some run away from wifi and some runaway from wife, We’ve had that spirit here (wine) in Run696””. Lyrics- Courtesy Hotel Somasutra.

This Run was already Pre-defined by the Plumbing available in each one of us and had Raw Sex’s persistent efforts along with his Grinning band of Hares in trying to demolish the same. His efforts were partly assisted by the Menagerie of animals encountered in between. The Peacock, Cockoo, Pussycat, Cock and Bull are few of the earthly beings who can also be credited for their visible presence along the trail.

The GM chipped in with his Cocktail of fruits. Perhaps the therapeutic effect of Melons and Bananas was considered, if not for nutrition, at least for the touch. BTW now Mangos are Passe. Lemons, New age…hmmm. Reminds me of Kink Kong, with the unholy dongs.

The trail alongside the lake gave many an occasion to update their selfies and subsequent profiles. Kindly check akin to your individuals Kinks. Swipe Right, if you like them. A few of them are topless if that helps in motivating. The others are on PC sure will be happy with the business.

The end of the Run saw many a Hasher squatting & stretching, a few Hariettes bobbing up and down to feel the existential weight of their organs. It was just explained away as dancing to the irresistible background Music. Oh Pamela Anderson Running on the beach……Those were the days. So fit,…So Tight….we were. Sniff, !.. I tell you this Global Drooping is becoming an epidemic. It could be noted that our GM earlier was spotted earlier pasting stickers on many a Chest, perhaps in anticipation of the bobbing and to hold them in Place.

The posture of many at the Circle proved that ice is the best when it comes to the treatment of inflammation caused by the clash of the family jewels. For once the Mumbo Jumbo of his eminence the GM didn’t Matter. The Chennai Chatterers(Hariettes from Chennai) woes were noticed and we respect Woe Men on the ice.
Made 2 Cum (GM Emlyn from Delhi), looks forward to new cums from BH3 at their upcumming Anniversary. Thank you Fast Food(Tucker) for swooning and mooning all of us, with the Swing Low. We are grateful for the sanctification of our unholy soles.

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