Run - 687. The Wet Wet Serene Run
RUN 687 - 10th February 2018

The downpour of rain during the trail gave a new meaning to the word Forest Bathing. The Japanese should follow our example. No Zen here, only Zest. No Ying and Yang. Just Din, pitter patter and song.
The Amorous croak calls of the generally hidden toads in the forest were drowned out by the Vocal Cords of IceMYBalls (Dr.Srini) Serenading in the Rain. Such was the competition given by him in the Drenching rain. The intensity, the Fervour, the Passion, Lot of basic instincts emerge in the Rain. It was nice to see the camaraderie of the other Hashers who also assisted him in his efforts. Somehow his PHD helped in this Case.
The cold rain helped elicit a little chatter in the mouths. The Hash Vocabulary was enriched due to the lisp. Cute Guys became Thoot Guys. Long Run became Long Lun in the Thilla-Halli Forest due to which they were wet and had to take of their clothes and were desperate to take a Ride at the Water Stop – many crammed into the Bigbasket Van as luggage! The term one in the hand and two in the Bush sure had its terminology originating in such similar scenarios.
The Scene of Mandakini under a Water Fall fails in comparison to the Group Picture of Wet Hashers. The extravagant display of Beer Bellies! The Extra Gleam in Pervert Producers Eye was obvious. The results will show shortly.
The problem in the rain is that difference of drool and water can’t be noticed. Reminds me of the Song, “Drooling in the Rain”.
GM hopefully gave a V Day red rose and a chocolate to all the harriettes present, hoping to get a peck on the cheek or their numbers. Thankfully neither happened!
At the post run circle – the hares – Laid and Ran, IceMyBalls, Dickhead and Cyber were iced – (Jasleen and Neha, conveniently exited earlier) and ofcourse the sponsor too. Representative virgin harrittes Rajshri and Poonam were serenaded by Cyber.
Thank you to our Hosts, The Vaishnavi Group, for feeding us, warming us, serenading us. It was certainly impressive the hospitality that they laid before us. The residences they will be constructing will take care of the room problem for the few among us who need it desperately. A little Shack in the Dark.
Thank you to those under-appreciated souls whos labour to provide us cut fruits, snacks and other nourishment. It does not mean you are out of our minds. It’s Just that the Situation in front of us needs our utmost concentration.

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