Horsing Around the Hills Run 682-683
Horsley Hills Hungama – 28th to 30th September
The original idea for going to Horsley hills came from a day trip that GM made in June and eventual lead to another recce trip with Govind, Akash and Shashank in early August and the plans for the event materialised.
The action started with a vibrant Prelube at Arbor Breweries on 26th September which 25+ hashers attended and several changed their minds and decided to join the organizers team on 28th itself.
Cut to 28th September and GM and the Hares team along with Come Again, Rajkumar, Ullals and Vinod and team landed up at Horsley Hills. The hares had to go and relay the previously well marked trail again because of rains.
In the evening, a barbecue lit up the Governors bungalow terrace with delicious marinades from Licious Bangalore offering lip smacking treats for the barbecue test run. At the tail end of the evening, the clouds, mist and rain came in – making it a great enjoyable event. GM’s special pork chops were savoured by several.
9:30 a.m. on 29th and Come again, Uma and gang set up the registration counter. Sighted earlier were the Hyderabadis who were so in awe with the Gangotri ponds mist laden environs that they refused to come up and register. Eventually, they did!
Registration progressed well, with 95 hashers trickling in and the hash bar opening up at the Governors suite. With a quick lunch at the conference hall and a short respite – hashers gathered again at 3:00 p.m. for run 682 which eventually started at 4 p.m. with a trail that wowed everyone for its panaromic views and changing terrain – started with a downhill walk on the hillside and then up to the sunset rock and back to the campfire location.
The circle commenced with hares and several other offenders and virgins being iced for various reasons, and Pusher leading the group into several hash rhymes.
Apart from the hares, the following were iced :
Rishi – the Ghost Rider who drove from Bangalore on his Harley along with his wife
The Mother hashers group of Jaya, Mouli, Stephen, Jayakar and Deepak.
Aparna for being the representative virgin.
Rajkumar for being there! And on and on!
The run was named Humping Horses at Horsley Hills, and while this was going on, DJ Mukund started his music which was a treat for the evening.
With a short 45-minute respite, the group reassemble at 8 p.m. with the hash bar in operation and the barbecue under the supervison of Anjali, Beep Beep and the MH3 gang. Ranging from lamb, chicken, pork, pineapple paneer mushrooms and more, everyone had their fill and more – with the campfire keeping company and the rain getting everyone to huddle under the canopies briefly. The fun continued on way nearly till midnight.
9 a.m. the next day and a recovery run 683 lead by Beep Beep got underway to see the various viewpoints dotted around the hills – starting with the original Horsley bungalow, the sunset and points behind and below the Governors bungalow. And in no time, it was time to bid adieu… With 95 hashers mingling and making a blast at Horsley – everyone left for their destinations back home.
Credits and there were many!
Hares - Skyhigh Akash, Flamethrower Govind, Halfsize Shashank for their spirited support, being hares, coming for the initial recce and sponsorship for the Tees.
Beep Beep, for coming for a trail recce and finalizing the barbecue arrangements and then making sure that the barbecue was successful.
Thanks to MH3 lead by Anjali for the preparation and running of the barbecue with whole hearted support from the MH3 team the Mohans, Animal, Ram and Shyamala. Rajkumar who got all the extras that were needed from Madanapalli for the marinades, including the ice needed on 29th on his Isuzu pickup van.
Come Again Ramesh, Uma, Shyamala, Jasleen and Janaki and others who helped at the registration desk.
DJ Mukund who gave us a scintillating evening of foot tapping music on the dance floor.
Rajesh ILikeHead for the Tee design with the original concept sketched by BFG.
Robin Wohra, Vivek, Jasleen, Radhika, Aparna and others who helped at the bar.
Jasleen for being ever-ready to help wherever help was needed, at the rego, bars at the party and at the governor’s suite and facilitating all the late regos.
Rakesh for helping us stock the bar with the spirits that we needed.
Kingfisher and its Andhra regional management lead by Goud and his area manager Naresh who made sure we got all the beer we wanted even before we reached Horsley hills.
Bigbasket our logistics partner who spared a Bolero van for 3 days to ferry all the hash equipment needed for the success of the event.
Murali, the resort manager at Horsley Hills who agreed to everything that we asked for and facilitated it all.
Last but not the least the quiet nameless sponsors because of whom we could make the event what it was!

Run 682 – Horsing Around the Hills.

Being on Horsley Hills was indicative of the new position added to the Kamasutra erotology. The participation of so many Hashers was testament to it .Alas the desperation of us Hashers to seek erotic escapades is admirable. I see Hashers from Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai travelling just for this. Wah. . I wonder what would have happened if it was named Doggy Hills.

The Run started on a decline climb which allowed all to praise the Hares for the excellent trail they laid as it gave everyone the chance to enjoy the views and ambience the hill had to offer while the energy was still there. It was a good tactic considering what lay ahead. The next part of the trail after the water stop was where one had to climb using all fours. Quite a sight at this time of the day to have glistening bodies of sweat along with expletives being hurled with moans and groans. Night is another matter when such things are done.
All was forgiven when this endurance ended at the sunset point. AAaaaaaah was the final sound. Applause to all who finished but sadly medals are not given for such a performance. We all enjoyed the personal accomplishment of finishing… the trail.

The Circle was quite educative. Memories of Kindergarten classes came to mind when various hash proses were dished out to be repeated for group merriment along with hand gestures. I am sure pumping your hand in the Hash Circle is not just for encouragement but sign language for the deaf. We are an egalitarian club you see.
Just remembered that A, B and C are representative of things other than Apple, Ball and Cat in the Hash. Expansion to Vocabulary is part of Hash DNA.

Thank you Sexobics for making the Hashers use their legs again at the party. The beat he drums up, stirs up a lot of things. Even the Local Authorities wanted to join in. Unfortunately being in uniform disqualifies them.
Thanks to those Hashers who made us use our tongues to lick. An organ much misused but this time for……….our fingers I meant, for the delectable meats and veggies dished out at the barbeque. They were juicy, marinated and well done, couldn’t resist.

My personal admiration to all those Hashers who did the recovery run, up the Hill next morning. Hope you were applauded again the same night by your partner. Please do send in your names. I am sure a plaque will be erected in honor for the erections that happened fore with the run. GM do kindly consider.
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