Run 681 - The Soma Ball Breaker Run
Out in the pristine countryside at Soma Vineyards, a record forever number of hashers 200 of them, with 65 hard core runners for a 2 in 1 event. The ball breaker run that saw 65 runners, some signing up as late as 18th August and 135+ hashers for the later event starting at10:30 a.m.

6 a.m. and GM and his volunteer team of lucky 13 drove into Soma at 6 a.m. - leaving their homes at 4 a.m! to get ready and welcome the runners for the first run - organising the water stops and the rego process - while having piping hot idlies - omellets and - bread jam - complements of BH3 - that were liked so much that we sent the car to get another lot for the incoming Vineyard run hashers.

With a little bit of mismanagement, the Ball Breaker was all set to start at 7:30, and it did - with the water van going to its lakeside stop and runners taking off for a loop that took them around the lake and then the hills. They were given timing chips ( a piece of potato chips), explained checkbacks and fishhook terminology. And slowly they came back all of them around 10:30 a.m. Thereafter, with hashers coming in - the Vineyard run started at 11 a.m. with a White wine stop at the Pool, and then off into the hills for an amazing trail that everyone liked and back to the Vineyard where chilled beer and lunch awaitd all.

The circle had its interesting moments - hares put on the ice - Mother Hasher Mama Mia, Kazakh returnee Crude Slick Pradeep who came in straight from the airport and Kum Kum the other phorenar along with Dottie. Representative virgins Neha, Fatima, Dimple, Kuzem, Aruna, Amru and more.. were iced. Jahansi Ranis birthday was celebrated in hash style with she sitting on Rajkumar and later a 10 kg, cake being cut.Followed by Litherbum Jaya and then finally the host Raju for the amazing experience that we got. RA BFG was iced too as a returner.. On On to RUn 682!
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