Run 674 - Wet Groove in the Grove - V-Day Run
11th February 2017 : A slightly warm afternoon and the hash mobile arrives at Kumars farmhouse at 3:15 p.m.

Slowly, hashers start trickling in with the two TT's - RT Nagar ZoomJet and the Ulsoor Express and an assortment of cars with 55 hashers.

Beer, shakes and cold coffee kept the hashers cool before the run start at 4:30 p.m.

The run had its thrills and selfie moments - with three water bodies, a couple of bundhs and good green cover.

The water stop had oranges to refresh and shortly thereafter it was back to the farmhouse, but not before seeing a thick grove of trees, migratory birds and green fields.

At the farmhouse, there was no sign of the hash mobile to commence the serving of beer so OFB was sent with Flamethrower to discover what happened. Just appears that there were stragglers delaying the shutting of the water stop.

Beer, light snacks of potato chips, peanuts and GM's special Coorgi Pork did its rounds with an impromptu singing session by DJ Mukund and others happily joining in.

The circle started at 7:30 p.m. with the hares being iced and the run called Groove in the Grove Run.

Birthday girl Mansi got iced and blew some candles and got birthday gifts too.

Virgin Harriettes were iced after they gave their phone numbers to the GM in two rounds - Jasleen, Saniya, Varsha, Dr Kanti, Mansi,Sunitha, Soni, Kristine and more.

The virgin hashers were all herded and called to say their names in unison at the count of 3.

All Harriettes were presented roses by the GM to commemorate Valentines day.

With it getting late, the hymn was lead by Skyhigh, followed by the Biryani dinner and more amber fluids and beer till everyone left at around 8:15 p.m. after an amazing evening.

Special thanks to Cyber for part sponsoring the Biryani and the hares for the home made wine at the water stop.

Thanks to Kumaran for getting access to the farmhouse and the owner Kumar to arrange the lighting especially for us.

Sunita, for the cake for manasi and Mouli to get the V-day cake.

GM's special contribution was the Coorgi pork loved by those who had it.

On on to the next run!
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