Run 678 - The Graveyard Run
Sunday 27th May - Somewhere beyond Varthur in the Whitefield area... and so the story unforlds.

10 hashers regoed by 22nd - 30 by 23rd and 55 on 27th... Thank you for joining us!

2hrs was the time it took …. to reach the trail, and 1.5 hours to complete it. What motivation to get access to beer and you guys thought it was for the run. All bunk!
It was nice to see 55 hashers in attendance and among them Raj Kalsi who just surfaced back after a knock on his head. When asked if he could remember us he said he was 60% mentally fine or 40% lunatic unsaid. Considering the above he is better than us hashers. No wonder he has a perpetual Heh heh.. on his lips when he sees us. Welcome to the institution of restitution of mental health BH3 and whatever that means.
Most hashers including the hashmobile, the TT and innova all arrived by 3:45 p.m. The lead hare Half Moon- Jugy – with a worried look not yet finding his co-hares who seemed to have deserted him but arrived when GM Pervert Producer had started the circle. Ex GM Akash – SkyHigh and his gang of Lost Screw, Half Size and Dr Suresh, just came in time – with Lost Screw - Roshan claiming that he was unwell – but his consumption of food and beer made him suspect.
At the circle – Half Moon tried to explain the hash signs which no one ever remembers – but let no one say he didn’t try! Off went the pack at about 4:40 p.m.
The trail being flat, with due apologies to Sonam Kapoor, but of course we also discovered well shaped mounds which caused no great joy on knowing that they were graves. The discussion now turned to what is the position of the dead inside their graves. Some expressed that they were face up to experience the joy of lying down which of course could mean they were of a particular gender. Others were of the opinion it could be face down. Hmmm… I leave it to your imagination.
Half Moon is well known for the quality of trails he lays. In fact we can set our clocks timing based on the time we finish the trail. We just have to perfect a salute to give him. Hitler just came to my mind.
The trail led us through farms and fields skirting around a water filled quarry. One of the hashers looked quite pensive in front of it. Looking his demeanour and the colour of the water the reason of his pensiveness could be known. Nowadays this Swach Bharat jingle has reduced the avenues to fill up water bodies. Mann ki Bath has taken over Pant ki bath.
Water stop had eager thirst hashers gobbling the water melons – the rain gods were kind with extremely light drizzle at the beginning of the run and later on.
The trail lead us through very green country with fields of eucalyptus, bananas and other varied crops with gentle breeze and the usual complement of falsies and check back twists in the trail.
At the circle the hares were duly iced and the run named what it is – The Graveyard Run with the numerous graves that we came across. All the under-educated virgins said that the trail was excellent except for Kumud coached by Robin who said it was bad like a true hasher! The virgins will be appropriately mentored.
We had 16 virgins – Sunita working with HP, Dhruv and Daksh Jayakars grandsons, Mohan Kumar in hospitality, Narendra from Accenture, Merlyn with her own travel business, Bankers Ravinder Gulati with his family Poonam his wife and Shreya a college student, Vidya from a Robotics company, IT geeks Aashna and Vandana and Ritu her daughter, Chandana Kotresh a banker, Kumud who is Robins friend.
Let us also thank everyone for the snacks, buns, jilebis. The Congress buns especially were a delight to … eat not squeeze. In any case you guys got your pleasure. This is better than what you get at home and at least on a regular basis.
The circle wound down by 6:45 and hashers drove away townwards for the week ahead, fully recharged.
Acknowledgements to OFB Raghu and Ravi for organizing the veg snacks, Piyush for manning the hash bar, Jasleen for being the beer maiden, Nirvekar and Robin for ably hawking 90 odd beer coupons and all the hashers who came! On On to the next run which will be on June 17 or 24.
Announcing also the Run 678 after party at the Druid Garden on May 30th 7 p.m. onwards. Signup at .. Steal deals arranged by Winky Wanky – Dinesh.

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