Run 668 - The lost hares run - Going Gaga at Greek Agora
November 19 - 2017 -Run 668 : Going Gaga at Greek Agora – Lazy Hares Run
7 a.m. Sunday morning: Polish Bum pings GM and says you must come for haring. Why? Noel one of the critical hares felled by stomach issues, and Polish Bum claimed to have fever. And so I get drafted into the haring team. The haring started at 8 a.m. and by 11, we had good trail in place, and then to discover later in the evening, that lazy lead hares avoided laying obvious false trails and checks.
3:30 p.m. Come Again and I were delayed reaching the run site. But with a good driver, we reached by 4 p.m. and got the run going by 4:30 p.m. The motley crowed included 8 techies from IBM hosted by Cyber – later renamed as CybHer. 55 folks in all, with several new faces, returning hare Polish Bum and Hasher Abbas. Bloody Mary and Rooh Afza concoctions were made in 5 litre cans ready for the water stop. So were the cut melons by Radhika.
Juices sponsored by Rajinder Kalsi were a thirst quencher before the run.
The start circle announced the availability of the hash hugger Jayalakshmi, if anyone could catch her, the special runners loop to the lake, the lacking punctuality of Commander Piyush.
The run walk, took hashers through green and wooded countryside, with selfies and group pictures being taken at nearly every corner – leading someone to suggest the group to be christened as a photos club – given that there were nearly 500 pictures and videos uploaded later.
Runners were looped to a nearby lake that took birth with the heavy rains this season.
One of the best times for camaraderie, jokes and fun within the group, with the sun drenched but cool weather that had everyone in great humor all the way.
On the trail, hasher antics on the railway tracks like mock suicide positions, walking on the railway tracks and selfies galore, before the walkers continued to the water stop where bloody mary, melons and rooh afza was there to quench the thirst.
The water stop was near an incomplete railway underpass.
The runners trailed in just after the walkers left, and with the latter half of the trail all on road, it was a peaceful return to the villa passing green fields and a herd of goats and tractor trailers.
Hashers made themselves comfortable on the lawns with chilled beer and snacks – soon afterwards with kebabs, vada paos and dabelis. The dance floor opened with music and lights and the gang of 8 was amongst the first ones to be there. The hash bar too opened. Faasos Biryani was the flavour for the evening – though it arrived a bit late at 7 p.m.
The circle commenced with the icing of the hares and the run named The Lazy Hares run, because of the loose hash morals of the hares of not laying any significant check backs and false trails ! Charlie, Kimiko’s friend was asked to kneel before Jayalakshmi for making a pass at her even as Kimiko was around!
The sponsors Jayalakshmi, Vineet and Mark were iced for making a lot of the extra fun happen. The techie virgins from IBM were next.
Navhya, the medicine virgin, came in next and made a profound statement about women no longer needing men to come (to the hash?)… 😊
Next it was the turn of the GM who was charged with wearing new shoes, which were freshly washed 1.5 year old shoes, but sportingly wore the PanAsiahash lungie gifted by Crushed Nuts and drank beer from the shoe.
Cyber was renamed CybHer for returning a virgin from the PanAsiaHash and innocent Crushed Nut and Winnie the Pooh had to share ice space with him.
Polish bum with his loose jeans was busy flashing in the circle, ably captured by the many paparazzi cameras around!
Jayalakshmi was named “LitHerBum” because of the litter and chaos she was causing.
Polish Bum was iced for making a false charge regarding the Nash Hash sponsorship early bird freebie, along with Abbas.
And then the curtains came down on the formal hash run and the party continued on till 8:30 p.m.
Happy hashers headed back homewards after another enjoyable evening.
On on to the XMash Hash Bash consisting of a party at the Citrine hotel on 16th and Bicycle hash on the 17th at Dr Thomas Chandy’s farmhouse.
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