Run 667 - Halloween Magic - Over the top!
Run 667 Halloween Magic Run:

29th October 3:45 p.m. farmhouse off Kanakpura Road and close to Banerghatta forests.
40+ happy hashers gathered for a supposedly mundane normal hash run of walking on roads and trails, the usual water stop and march back to the farm. Well, no one really knew what was in store for them. Hashers started trickling in slowly and steadily after the meetup time at this farmhouse of Cold Nuts neighbour which has a empty swimming pool, tennis court, weekend retreat home and more.
4:35 p.m. the circle formed and the run started with Lost Screw, Pisscum and Knockout. We started walking in the fields behind the farm after a false start.. and suddenly came upon a huge hill about 400 ft tall with 45 degree plus rocky incline. And the trail was through that! Hashers slowly started climbing the incline – lo and behold, the friction was so very good, that other than bending forward and climbing up, there was no real hazard. And at different points that we stopped to take in the views, these were absolutely panoramic with different water bodies and terrain visible all over.
After 15-20 minutes we reached the top… There and on the way, hashers picked up blue plastic tokens that were Trick and Treat Dares. Payal and Amol were two such folks. Payal was asked to walk backwards on the gentle incline, while Amol was asked to tie the shoelaces of both left and right feet and jump up to the top. Both made it easily and won their free beers.
The fun started when we began our descent. Steeper inclines literally got hashers to slide down at times, but without any incident of significance other than the lemon grass irritating socks and shoes, everyone made it to the water stop for melons, Screw Drivers (Bacardi in orange juice) or Rooh Afza.
As it was getting late, the runners trail was cancelled and everyone made their way back to the farm just in time before it became fully dark.
At the farmhouse, the fun started with tired and thirsty hashers making a beeline for the beer or juices and wolving down the snacks of kalmi kebabs and masala dosa/vada. The hash bar opened a bit later with VAT 69 and Smirnoff which was ably managed by Piyush. Ramesh and Payal managed the beer and snacks counter supported by Shastri and other volunteers.
Time for the circle – the hares were iced and the run named – Over the top – All Balls run. Lost screw narrated the subterfuge that he and Pisscum resorted to bypass GM’s suggestion to go early to lay the trail.
Rishi, who has the habit of losing I-phones, 1+5 did it again. He cracked the screen of his iPhone 7 on the hill and got named as S-Phone. Screwed Phone!
Rigor Mortis got iced for being the squealing corpse! Jayalakshmi got iced for being the virgin eater. Sky High for wanting to get high before the run! Cold Nuts for being the fraud hare for the day and seeking credit for that!!
Payal and Amol for the successful trick and treat dares.
Paul a virgin and future sponser lost it exclusively on the ice with a lot of friendly camaraderie. Jayalaskhmi was keenly seen asking his phone number… which we don’t know whether she got…!
Virgins Ian, Mark the Senator, Gurdeep with his flashy shirt, Kaveri, Bavani and others were iced. With GM making an attempt to get the tiny tots phone number for his future grandchildren!
Pisscum was gradauated from the hash school of haring run by Shit Strides for the unusual trail that was a super hit today.
Skyhigh lead the hash hymn, and the party continued till 8 p.m. when everyone raced home to rest their tired limbs.

Truly an amazing evening with great memories!
On On to Run 668 at Greek Agora on November 19.
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