Flight 665 - Peace & Tranquility - No Hares no trail
27th August 2017 - Behind the new airport

Flight 665 – Peace & Tranquility Run aka. No hares No trail run!
3:30 p.m. on a drizzling afternoon somewhere behind the new airport, some 35 hashers got together for boarding this hash flight. Boarding passes were issued based on their registration.
The crew consisted of BumShakalaka and Anand assisted by Cyber and Komal, who showed up for laying the trail at 12:30 p.m. Blowjob was coopted as the stewardess for the flight… much to the glee of everyone around.
The airport controllers forecasted heavy rain as did the thick black clouds foretold. However, come 4:15 and the skies cleared up for the run to commence.
BumShakalaka tried to explain the hash terminilogy, which no one understood. Finally, GM asked him to stop and gave a general instruction for everyone to stick together.
16:25 and the runners setoff in their loop and walkers on the walking trail. Super green cover, and wet patches with puddles and even a light drizzle now and then greeted us.
Cyber kept trying to take group pics of everyone and his own selfies everywhere, until he was threatened an extra long stint on the ice!
The walkers trail ended up being quite short and we were back at the start point by 6 p.m. and the end of Flight 665! The runners came in after another 15 minutes …
The pantry galleys opened up with its offering of free beer, home made wine and delicacies from Koshy’s bakeries. Everything was gluttonously devoured but for 2 small cakes..
The circle started with hares being iced along with offender Jayalakshmi for smoking in the circle. The run was named the No Hares no Trail run, as all the markings were washed away and because of Cyber getting lost!
Virgins Kumuda (T technology) , Anjana (Jewellery), Piyush (Pilot),Prasad (Real Estate) and Vineet (Entrepreneur).
Rajat was iced separately for being a virgin and his e-commerce marketplace background.
Cyber lead the hash hymn, and the evening continued with more beer and camaraderie – with Jaya prancing around asking others to hoard more free beer for her for the ride back.
Watch out for Run Sex Sex Sexy (666) on 24th September hared by Half Moon Jugy and his merry group.
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