Run 664 - Wine, Water and Wirgins run!
Run 664 - Wine, Water and Wirgins Run
Sunday 16 July 2017 :Near RajRajeshwari Nagar gate - GM is waiting in the hash mobile for , a virgin to show up. She eventually does half an hour later, with the hash mobile reaching 15 minutes later than its scheduled 3:45 time.

Cut to 4:30 p.m. with a light drizzle, with strong gusts of cool breeze, water tanked up in their bottles, and a lovely scenic view of the landscape, and the run commenced.. with walkers ambling along soaking up the view and scenery, and the runners scurrying up ahead hither and thither with the checkbacks and false trails.

Treasure tokens were eagerly grabbed by hashers at various vantage points and the group slowly made it to the water stop at the top of the Temple hillock, where there were only watermelons and no water.. The GM and watermonger Sachin - drove to the start site and quickly got the water and wine... which was sumptuosly enjoyed.

Jasmine, virgin was dressed in party attire that would be more appropriate on a ramp.. courageously found a way to carry the dress and complete the trail.

There were ten folks many virgins all from a single organisation Cisco.. Thanks to Pisscum for taking the initiative to initiate so many young ones!

Cyber Stephen, was the reliable carpooler who got Kirti and her group all the way from KR Puram and back. Good spirit to make a detour. Thanks Cyber!

TFU did the same for Rajshekhar from Peenya.

Fantastic weather all along and continuously changing landscape was a treat for everyone.

Back at the circle, the jalebis, fafda and vada paos brought from a gourmet sweets store in Jayanagar were a hit. Guzzled down with softdrinks and "sponsored" Kingfisher beer.

The treasure distribution commenced - with a ton of fun - the horrors were given finger toys, chocolates and snickers. Several lucky hashers got scotch shots or wine bottles and the others got some wacky prizes.. Birthday boy Flamethrower was provided encouragement to keep the excitement flowing in his life with a packet of Viagra and Skore condoms, Rikki got a deo, Devashree some Soulful slimming cereals, Belgeek got a baby bottle to drink his beer from, Sachin, renamed Ranchod for his running prowress, was gifted mops to clean his house along with rat poison and sponges, the latter to clean the water van - his car. TFU and Blowjob got LED torches to light up their lives, another got a box of garbage bags to clean the mess he creates around..

Flamethrowers birthday cake was cut by horrors, and Delight, OFB's daughter smeared some cake on his face!

And so the happy evening came to an end.

Credits : Ravishankar for locating this amazing run site, OFB, Rishi, Ravishankar and Ranchod for organized disorder that made sure everyone returned after the run. Customers delight and Delight ably supporting the team. Usha for sponsoring the home made wine.

TFU was instrumental in bringing some of the wacky prizes as was Ravishankar with the finger toys (spinners).

The run was named as Wine and water run, but with more than 10 virgins showing up, we added Wirgins later to it.

On on to Run 665!
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