Run 663 : No Mummy in the Pyramid
Run 663 – No Mummy in the Pyramid run
Prelude : 11 a.m. : Kneel Over (Niloufer) Whatsapps – I want the hashmobile drivers number – inspite of being given the pickup point. Cut to 1:20 p.m. Come Again is waiting on the road for being picked up. How did she get the number? Sherlock Holmes will have to step in.. The Hash wants to know! In spite of all of this, we managed to reach the run site by 3:20 p.m.
Slowly hashers trickled in with several first timers and spot registrants. Some 30 hashers. Owner of the Bitch, calls up at 3:55 saying he is arriving in ten minutes, and ends up delaying the run start by 15 minutes. Gopal missed the turn into the farm because of apparent light chalk marks as did Blow Job.
Jhansi Rani, served tender jackfruit as the welcome snack, even as hashers awaited the massive TV screen setup by our host so that we did not miss the cricket match final between India and Pakistan.
RajKumar was eager to show his farm to even more eager damsels Jayalakshmi and Kneel Over, and a non-damsel Bureaucrap in his jeep, but that was short circuited by the GM as the circle was being called. He did manage to take several of them for a personalised tour of his herb garden, showing the kids the ducks and fish pond.
The run was kicked off at 4:30 p.m. with Pisscum (Bala) explaining the chalk marks. The initial part of the trail was a tour of Rajkumars farm – which we have to admit is pretty scenic by itself.
3 lone runners and the rest of the 30+ group went walking to enjoy the panoramic views of the hills, valleys, The Pyramid (that doesn’t have a Mummy) and the farmhouse. Rajkumar, seems to own the entire property as we ended up walking most of the time in his farm land, without realising that it was so massive to allow laying a good hash trail!
The water stop was at the hosts original farmhouse – at a leafy grove - where a run had been done many moons ago. Super sweet melons brought by Cyber, helped hashers to recover and move on.
Talking of Cyber, he was the designated hash flash, after Rajinder dropped out at the last moment. But he was never seen with the group most of the trail since we discovered he was trailing the ladies who were busy with selfie-ops all along the way. Now we know why he never reached the Everest base camp in March. Not much imagination needed to know what really happened. We need to ask some Sherpa damsels there!
On return to the farm house, hashers settled down to watch the end of the Pakistan innings and the decimation of the Indian team, while enjoying jalebi and samosa (contributed by Gopal), which vanished before you could say Shanbhag!! The hosts plied us with traditional Santhe bondas, Savige Bhath, Chutney and Coconut milk through the evening. Raakesh sponsored a bottle of Blenders Pride that helped to raise the spirits high along with the King of Good times – Kingfisher Beer that was gulped down eagerly
The hares Pisscum (Bala), Manish and Shivam were iced suitably, while the artificial hares – Rajkumar our host, and Bureaucrap (Shashtri) sat on the ice for a photo-op for their near and dear ones in foreign lands! The run was christened – No Mummy in the Pyramid.
The circle saw virgins Kavitha and Rajeshwari eagerly being asked for their phone numbers as they were iced and the ladies did the same especially for the male virgins that were iced : Anil, Pavan, Vinod, Shivam and more.
Charges were served on Kneel Over for taking over the hashmobile, OFB for delaying the run start and sex offenders Blowjob for troubling Customers Delight and Cyber for just being the ladies man.
Our host Rajkumar and Jhansi Rani were iced for the superb spread and excellent arrangements that created the ambience for a run and party that wont be forgotten for a long time! 3 Cheers for that.
Some of the post run messages :
Vijaya - Wow ! That's called Rajkumar s efficiency. The hasher s don't even miss the cricket. Lovely scenic beauty around.👌. Jayalakshmi - Awesome experience... Thank to Raj Kumar and Jhansi
Blowjob - Thanks to the Bala n his haring team
Rakesh - Otherworldly pic. Great. Thanks for sharing. Vinod - Amazing colors for the evening
Ravishankar – Superb. Wonderful trail..👍& thanks to Rajkumar & family...👍
Gopal - Yes indeed was a lovely trail and enjoyed every bit. Thanks Rajkumar and Jhansi Rani for being the wonderful hosts. Enjoyed watching the cricket match too 👍
Usha - Very grateful to Rajkumar and Jhansi and their family for being such wonderful hosts and throwing open their hearth and farm for us all to explore and enjoy. Thanks also go out to the hares for leading us through such a scenic and refreshing trail.
Kavitha – firstimer - Super awesome day with hash r*nners.😇..felt great meeting every one😁👍 Raj and Jhansi thanks for your hospitality great food and showing us around your beautiful farm...
Jagdish - Wow ! Am feeling J, missed all the fun. ILH. 👍
Rajinder : Even I felt.. it was better than cricket match..
GM - Thanks everyone... This was an unusual hash... Cooperative special...!
Blow Job - 👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺 On On BH3 let's keep Rocking
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