Run 662 Manchinbelle lake
28th May 2017 : Somewhere out in the countryside - actually just 50 km from MG Road at the serene and picturesque surroundings of the majestic Manchinbelle lake, some 50 intrepid hashers gathered at 3:15 p.m.

But no sign of the hares right upto 3:45 p.m. They were buzy guzzling hash beer at the Xtreme sports zone camp, while we waited !!

The wait was slaked with hot tea brought by Kimiko, Bureaucrap, Pisscum and Flamethrower.

They somehow turned up and T shirts distribution delayed the run start by 30 minutes. Hares, SkyHigh, LooseScrew, FlameThrower and HalfSize, mad us go through extremely rocky but scenic terrain with ups and downs which had manyt hashers gasping for breath or catching hold of others before they nearly slipped and fell. But of course, there were the amazing selfie and group photo moments on the trail, that you see here.

Bureaucrap had to turn back as the terrain was too tough for him.. Consolotion beer given to him at the end of the run.

For an estimated time of 1 hour we actually took 2 to reach the Xtreme Sports Zone camp. Eating away into the time available for water sports, but many did go and enjoyed as you can see in the pics.

Hot bhajiya, beer and softdrinks were downed like there was no tomorrow, resulting in the beer getting over before we could start the circle.

The circle commenced with the hares iced and the run named Damn be the Dam Run.

Virgins - several of them - Asad, Eva, Naveen, Frank, Abhilash, Jayakar, Jayalakshmi... etc.. iced and welcomed to the hash.

A great spread layed out by the Xtreme sports zone guys .. Biryani, Butter milk, and other delicacies. The hares organized special mutton biryani too, apart from sposnoring the T shirts.

With strength recovered, it was pitch dark with a moonles night and with escorts from the resort we trudged our way back for a km back to the parking lot and to the comfort of the cars... and tanking up with chilled beer in the hash mobile for all the thirsty ones who still wanted more.

It was a late return for most folks, but aided with google maps which took us through unusual traffic less routes to avoid the SUnday rush.. most folks were bacl home by 10:15 or so.

WIth hashers getting a feel of a moonless dark night run with torches, the next run will now be a normal run hared by Pisscum and Cold Nuts.

On on to the next run.
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