Presidents Race
The presidents race is a Washington Nationals tradition featuring Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln at each home game.

This photoset is generated randomly every day from all of my presidents race photos taken at Washington Nationals home games.

When the Nationals first moved to Washington in 2005, the racing presidents were an animated scoreboard feature. In July, 2006, when the team was purchased by the Lerner family, a costumed Teddy, George, Abe and Tom began racing across the infield foul territory in the middle of the 4th inning. The catch: Teddy has never won the presidents race.

As the Washington Nationals move to their new stadium in 2008, lovable loser Teddy Roosevelt has become a fan favorite. Cries of Let Teddy Win are heard throughout every presidents race at the new Nationals Park.

Giant costumed racing characters are not unique to Washington, but the ongoing fight of perpetual underdog Teddy is uniquely ours. It's the first unique fan tradition for this great baseball franchise. It brings fans to the park and appeals to Washingtonians young and old.

The campaign for Teddy to win the presidents race in 2008 promises to be a load of fun. Check out the Let Teddy Win blog for more run facts, videos, and standings from the presidents race.

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