• Haha! He looks like he got sick after eating one of his comrades! :D - Oℓivia
  • I love this guy! Haha! - Oℓivia
  • me too! i think he's my favorite so far.
  • oh no, it's a rabid sugar monster! :o - floresita
  • I love how these guys are all looking up in what seems like amazement! :D - Oℓivia

Oops !

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I think they were excited today. They got too close to the glass!

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  1. lla ages ago | reply

    I *LOVE* these!!!

    One of the great regrets of my life, thusfar, is that I have never seen one of these in real life, nor have I had a chance to sample one.
    (Why do I have the sinking feeling that they are probably pretty nanky to eat???? Doesn't matter - I still want to try one!)

  2. Craft0logy ages ago | reply

    I pass them all the time and still have not tried one - so don't feel bad. I think they are probably TOO sweet! Well... can something be too sweet? Probably:(

  3. Sean Gin Photography ages ago | reply

    too sweet? of course! hehe, awesome shot though! i stilll need to find a recipe for these guys! lol, where did you find these creatures abielskas?

  4. mypapercrane ages ago | reply

    Ahhh I want these too, nothing would delight me more then to come across cupcakes like this...they are so adorable!

  5. Craft0logy ages ago | reply

    They are from a bakery called La Delice which is on 3rd ave in Manhattan at 27th st. Maybe I'll finally spring for one as an Easter treat:)

  6. Poppy Wright ages ago | reply

    Oh my! I love these things. What a fantastic shot! The yellow one in front is how I look after eating cupcakes. My son and I used to go to a cake shop in Astoria for mouse-cake and have it for dinner! The cake where I live now is just sooo boring.

  7. Trois Têtes (TT) ages ago | reply

    Great range of colours

  8. RubyMae ages ago | reply

    Technicolor Sugar Dudes!

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