Apple Newton "Bic" tablet prototype (the original iPad)
This came from someone who managed the mobile computing development group at Coca Cola who reported that they did a lot of work with Apple. He said it was not built specifically for Coca Cola and there were never any firm plans with it.

"Apple was more or less searching for a reason to build the tablet and never did find a market. I have no idea how many exist. I only know of one other and it is in a computer museum in California."

Based on the partial sticker on this as well as the sticker on the prototype stylus, it appears to be serial number 36.

Unfortunately, it came without a power supply and I've never been able to power it up (it's a weird port size and shape - unlike other Newtons).

The following comes from Studio Taktika ( ):

Newton handheld, based on a letter-size footprint, featuring 2 pcmcia cards, retractable I/O door, removable battery pack, push-push stylus, IR, microphone and speaker.

From :

Ok. The team started from scratch again and designed a new device still following the old ideas. It was codenamed "Bic". Meanwhile the market developed a new and better touchsensitive screen which weren't that precise and bright but much, much cheaper. They also thought that a second PCMCIA slot would be a good idea, because one was supposed to be used by a modem.... and where should the RAM card go?
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