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John Blaxland's design

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As the country gets ready to celebrate Australia Day this long weekend, there are renewed calls to replace the current flag. We asked for your designs, and here are some of the ideas that were submitted.

More details: /new-design-proposed-to-rep...

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cj1783 says:

flags are not supposed to represent sub cultures of a nation, rather the nation as a whole. think of other flags from around the world, america, canada, mexico, india, Germany and the rest of Europe and so on so forth. flags are something thats foreigners can recognise as australian, there not going to know what the hundreds of dots mean. all we are proving by trying to represent aboriginals and whites on the flag is that we are a race divided. why not choose a flag that represents us as a whole, the southern cross and kangaroos sure as hell doesn't represent whites or aboriginal, but they are definitively australian.
Posted 59 months ago. ( permalink )

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