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A Reminder | by abbyladybug
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A Reminder

The story:


I am close friends with a woman named Roz. She is a psychologist here in town who has been very generous with her time and expertise. I adore her, and she adores me. I'm so lucky to have met her.


Anyway, she and her husband recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and they had a wedding vow renewal ceremony at their house. After the ceremony, I walked around to get some candid shots of people at the reception. I was outside on the porch trying to be stealth, and I was taking pictures of this woman: Roz's mother. She was engaged in conversation with other people, then at one point, she looked over at me and mimicked my tiltted head pose - just a little. I smiled at her and leaned my head a little more, then she leaned her head a little more - lean, lean, lean, CLICK!


I was instantly so pleased with this playful moment that I ran inside to show the picture to Wayne and Jake. It's one of those pictures where everyone who see it smiles. I love that about it.


When I later showed it to Roz, she said that things between she and her mother had been a bit strained lately, and she thanked me for reminding her of her mother's playful side. That's the reason for the title.


I couldn't be more pleased by my picture. There were others I was considering, but my favorite photographer is Henri Cartier-Bresson. In his photography, the capture of the decisive moment usually happens when he observes something happening between other people or outside of himself. In this instance, the image reflects an interaction between me (the photographer) and Roz's mom.


I'm big on interaction. Reciprocal interaction is kind of what I live for. I need to put a price on this image, but if it doesn't sell (or even if it does), I know who this reminder is for. It's for Roz. She's getting a print of this no matter what!

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Uploaded on September 6, 2008