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Little Jenny Wren .... | by abbietabbie
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Little Jenny Wren ....

Late yesterday evening, after dark, DH went down the garden path leaving the front door open. A few moments later I was suddenly aware of something flying around the sitting room, which at first glance I thought was a large butterfly.

It turned out to be this tiny bird, a wren, Troglodytes troglodytes, which had obviously followed the light. They are one of the UK's smallest birds being only 9-10cm long and weighing under 13g. They have quite long pointed beaks and a distinctive upright tail. For such a small bird they have a very loud and beautiful song.


However, they are very reclusive little birds and very fast movers, so you are lucky to see one in the garden and we have never had one in the house before !


We tried to get him/her out of the house but failed last night, so left her shut in the lounge with food and water and tried again this morning. Luckily she eventually decided to leave by an open window !


Not a great photo I'm afraid but it was taken last night with flash. These birds are exceptionally fast movers, both darting in flight and running over the ground and I was trying not to stress her unduly. A lot of the time she preferred to hide behind the furniture !


The name "Jenny" Wren ? It comes from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme :


Little Jenny Wren fell sick,

Upon a time;

In came Robin Redbreast

And brought her cake and wine.


"Eat well of my cake, Jenny,

Drink well of my wine."

"Thank you, Robin, kindly,

You shall be mine."


Jenny she got well,

And stood upon her feet,

And told Robin plainly

She loved him not a bit.


Robin being angry,

Hopped upon a twig,

Saying, "Out upon you! Fie upon you!

Bold-faced jig!"


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Taken on October 8, 2011