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How to make gelatine flowers ..... | by abbietabbie
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How to make gelatine flowers .....

..... as taught to me by the delightful Terri Simmons of "Cakes by Design"

....... and as requested by some of you!


You will need:


Leaf gelatine

33 gauge flower wires (white for flowers but you could use green for leaves) ...... they must be paper covered wires for gelatine flowers and leaves.

Paste colours

Metal petal cutters (optional)

Heatproof receptacle for the gelatine

Somewhere to dry the petals i.e. a block of oasis


Flower tape





1. Soak your gelatine leaf in cold water until it feels soft and squidgey like a wet J-cloth! (about 10 mins)


2. While it's soaking prepare your wires. Either make your petal shape free-hand or mould them round a metal petal cutter. Twist the wire to enclose the shape. You can paint it with the paste colour or leave it white.


3. Take the soggy gelatine sheet out of the water, shake off the excess water and put it into a heat-proof container that is sitting in hot water. This can be in a saucepan of simmering water or just in another bowl with boiling water. If you use the latter, be sure to keep it topped up with boiling water so that the gelatine stays liquid. Stir in what ever colour you like.


4. Slide in your wire petal so that it is totally submerged. You can either do this by tipping the gelatine container at an angle or by bending your wire to a right angle with the base of the petal and dipping it straight in.


5. Take it out slowly and carefully so that you have a film of gelatine covering the entire petal shape. (Just like dipping the wand into bubble blowing liquid!). If the "bubble" breaks ..... just re-dip it!


6. This is just to show you the gelatine film.


7. Hold upright to let any excess gelatine run down the wire. You can pick this off later when it is dry.


8. Stick it into a block of oasis (or whatever else you use) to dry for about half an hour.


9. Meanwhile, make the centres by taping some stamens to a wire.


10. When the petals are dry, shape them by bending them gently over your finger. The only thing you can't do is to widen them as the gelatine will then tear, otherwise you can play around to your heart's content! Tape as many petals as you like to the centre ..... just like you would with sugar flowers.

You can make a green calyx and / or leaves in exactly the same way.


Fairy and Insect Wings:


The method is essentially the same but with a couple of changes.


11. This time you must use bare wires ..... either florist's wire or fuse wire would do fine. Either make your shape round a butterfly cutter or do it free-hand.


12. The gelatine is uncoloured but there's nothing to say it shouldn't be coloured! LOL

Once dry ..... and this time leave it for about an hour ...... gently peel the wire away from the gelatine (this is why it needs to be a bare wire).

You will then have a gossamer thin wing which you can paint if you like!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I hope you can follow this and I'm sorry about the poor photos but I was doing it on my own as "Santa's Little Helper" had gone to B&Q to buy cement .... I don't think it was for flower-making though !!!! LOL


Do give it a go...... it's VERY much easier than it sounds and these flowers are so robust when made!

I look forward to seeing your gelatine flowers!


For those who didn't see it, here's the finished flower:


Probably best to view the pictures in ORIGINAL.

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Uploaded on May 6, 2009