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Remember, remember ......

..... the fifth of November

The gunpowder, treason and plot,

I know of no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.


( Traditional rhyme)


On November 5th 1605 an attempt to blow up the Houses Of Parliament and kill King James I was foiled and one of the plotters, Guy Fawkes, was caught about to set light to 36 barrels (800 kgs) of gunpowder hidden in the Parliament vaults. Fawkes and his fellow conspirators were arrested and suffered a grisly fate.


Somewhat bizarrely this failed attempt is celebrated every November 5th in the UK (and parts of the Commonwealth) with bonfires and fireworks. Effigies .. "Guys" ... are made of material and dressed in old clothes ready to be placed on top of the bonfire to be burnt.

(Prior to "health and safety" and organised displays, children could be seen with them on street corners asking for "a penny for the guy" in order to buy fireworks)


This is my little bonfire, guy and fireworks this year !!!


Buttercream iced, with chocolate "wood" and fondant and mexican paste guy and fireworks.

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